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Read and watch recent AtlasIED installation testimonials and learn why AtlasIED is the chosen systems solution provider.

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Read and watch recent AtlasIED installation testimonials and learn why AtlasIED is the chosen systems solution provider. Our engineered products are designed to work as an entire system that best solves the customer's audio needs.

World Equestrian Center
Case Study
Picture of World Equestrian Center

World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Ocala, Florida is the world's largest equestrian park. With over 400 acres of beautiful landscaping and serious technology, it's way more than just a bunch of horse stables and arenas. The venue hosts numerous types of events in a variety of spaces which all have different audio requirements. Learn how AtlasIED, Bencsik Associates, and All Pro Integrated Systems teamed up to provide audio solutions that accommodate the requirements of each space perfectly.

Genesee Valley School District
Case Study
Picture of Genesee Valley School District

As the decades-old PA system at Genesee Valley School District’s K-12 building continued to struggle, technology director, Jeff LaBenne began looking for a replacement—not just an even swap, but something much more robust and feature-rich to satisfy the evolving communications needs of the school.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Case Study
Picture of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Airports are notoriously loud, busy, and chaotic, and comprise a wide variety of acoustical environments—small seating areas, segmented retail shops and restaurants, to large open concourses, and baggage claim areas. This combination of variables can make it extremely difficult for passengers to clearly hear announcements regarding gate changes, courtesy calls, screening procedures, life safety information, and more.

Life Baptist Church
Case Study
Picture of Life Baptist Church

Houses of worship are no different from showrooms in terms of their AV production needs, according to Michael Brown-Cestero, president of Embassy Holdings, a design firm specializing in advanced live and virtual communications systems. “Systems for each of these seemingly different venues adhere to the same set of safety standards, electrical codes, and construction protocols, and the AV systems employ the same technologies and equipment to process and distribute digital signals,” Brown-Cestero explains. “The only difference between the two is the type of content that’s shared and when service calls typically occur—during the day for churches and at night for showrooms.”

Alexandria Senior High School
Case Study
Picture of Alexandria Senior High School

When Jonathan Peyton graduated in 1992 from Alexandria Senior High School, Alexandria, Louisiana, the quality of audio in the school’s football stadium was the furthest thing from his mind. But over the years, as he continued to attend games, he couldn’t help but notice the many “dead” zones within the 3,000-seat venue. As an audiophile, local businessman, and long-time supporter of the Alexandria Trojans athletic program, he vowed to “fix the problem.”

The Ritz-Carlton - Xi'an, China
Installation Spotlight
Picture of The Ritz-Carlton - Xi'an, China

The Ritz-Carlton® chain of high-end hotels upholds a reputation of exceptional customer service for guests seeking the finest in luxury accommodations. It’s been a gold-standard since the franchise was formed in the 1940s, and that legacy lives on as the hotel continues to raise the bar with exceptional amenities and customer service. Through the adoption of fresh and innovative decorating schemes, designs, systems, and technologies, the Ritz-Carlton® retains its position as a leading purveyor of comfortable yet elegant lodging.

Melbourne Ballpark - Victoria, Australia
Case Study
Picture of Melbourne Ballpark - Victoria, Australia

For more than 30 years the home of the Melbourne Aces had been using the same lackluster audio system, giving spectators little to cheer about. It might have been a great setup in the early days, but today’s fans expect a lot more from a game-day experience than listening to the crack of the bat. Attendance was dwindling as a result.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub - New York, NY
Case Study
Picture of World Trade Center Transportation Hub - New York, NY

AtlasIED's Mass Communications System in the World Trade Center's Transportation Hub caters to 250,000 commuters and tourists daily

Versatile and massive—that's the only way to describe the AtlasIED communications system installed by Norcon at the newly rebuilt World Trade Center transit facility. As part of a multi-billion-dollar project, the Customer Information System enabled by AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM®.IP platform stretches underneath rivers and across state lines from New York to New Jersey. The system communicates a wealth of general audible and visual information to the millions of commuters and tourists who visit the World Trade Center (WTC) Transportation Hub annually. It also supports critical and emergency announcements across the venue.

Atlanta Food Bank - Atlanta, GA
Case Study
Picture of Atlanta Food Bank - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Community Food Bank Optimizes Efficiency and Safety Thanks to AtlasIED Audio and Communications Systems. Integrated zoned paging, messaging, and music system helps staff and hundreds of volunteers of a new 350,000-square-foot facility streamline packaging, delivery, and distribution of meals to more than 29 Georgia counties.

Forest Hills Public Schools - Grand Rapids, MI
Case Study
Picture of Forest Hills Public Schools - Grand Rapids, MI

SVT Technology Services and Solutions chose AtlasIED products for upgrading the sound systems across Forest Hills Public Schools District in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The new systems are controlled via network computers or tablets and consistent in function across the whole district.

LaGuardia Airport - Queens, NY
Case Study
Picture of LaGuardia Airport - Queens, NY

When MKJ Communications started engineering and installing critical communications systems in large public transportation hubs such as LaGuardia Airport, the most current audio distribution solution utilized CobraNet™ technology to deliver audio and video signals over IP networks.

Johnson County Community College - Overland Park, KS
Case Study
Picture of Johnson County Community College - Overland Park, KS

Johnson County Community College chose GLOBALCOM®.IP to manage daily announcements and emergency notifications to as many as 15,000 students across a 400 acre campus with more than 20 buildings. GLOBALCOM®.IP, a network-based communications ecosystem, is the fastest and most efficient method to distribute communications throughout the campus, to a single classroom, or to a remote campus about 15 miles away.

Ford AV - Military Training Center
Case Study
Picture of Ford AV - Military Training Center

Ford AV partnered with AtlasIED to meet a customer's needs for great sound with specific aesthetic restrictions. The SHS speakers provided great sound coverage, a low form factor, and visual customization abilities.

Istanbul Airport - Istanbul, Turkey
Case Study
Picture of Istanbul Airport - Istanbul, Turkey

When it came to the airport’s paging systems, AtlasIED, a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial AV and transportation industry environments, responded to the performance spec laid out by the architect, Grimshaw.

AtlasIED’s system proved it could meet or exceed expectations for intelligibility, reliability, security, and scalability.

Historic Turner Hall - Monroe, WI
Installation Spotlight
Picture of Historic Turner Hall - Monroe, WI

Turner Hall, a building of Swiss architecture on state and federal historical registries, hosts banquets and live musical performances. When an audio system upgrade was needed, great sound and aesthetically pleasing components that would blend in with the historic décor were of the highest priority. SM12CXT-W full range, surface mount, coaxial speakers fit the bill.

Freeport High School Gymnasium - Freeport, IL
Installation Spotlight
Picture of Freeport High School Gymnasium - Freeport, IL

Freeport High School required a system upgrade for better game time audio performance. They wanted a system with excellent sound reinforcement with aesthetically pleasing components. At the same time, the system required easy operation with mobile system control - they chose AtlasIED.

Freeport High School Sports Field - Freeport, IL
Installation Spotlight
Picture of Freeport High School Sports Field - Freeport, IL

Freeport High School sought a new sound system for their sports field. After the success of their recent AtlasIED indoor gym sound system installation, they chose AtlasIED again. The outdoor field required weather-proof, high-output speakers with excellent speech and music capability. At the same time, the new system required easy operation from the press box with mobile system control.