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Even Distribution And Acute Control

In the ALX-D, each transducer has its own DSP and amplifier channel resulting in the ability to tailor beams in very granular increments and allow acute steering capability.

Wide Horizontal And Consistent Narrow Vertical Dispersion

The ALX-D arrays feature multiple 4” high performance full range neodymium drivers mounted in a vertical array

Scalable and Modular

The ALX-D arrays were built with intention, offering a modular design to aid in shipping and design simplicity.

Architecturally Friendly - Compact Slender Enclosure

The ALX-D column arrays were designed with acoustics, performance, and aesthetics in mind, leaving no detail ignored.

Superior Intelligibility In Complex Acoustical Environments

The ALX-D column arrays are explicitly designed for applications with problematic acoustics, giving the system designer a unique set of tools for controlling sounds in large, acoustically challenging, highly reverberant spaces.

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