IntelliSee® AI Risk Mitigation Platform

lntelliSee’s Al-powered risk mitigation platform helps schools, hospitals, and businesses strengthen their approach to organizational safety. When overlayed with existing video surveillance systems, lntelliSee continually monitors live camera feeds to detect threats in real time and protect against day-to-day risks including slip hazards, trespassing, loitering, unauthorized vehicles, and fallen persons as well as more critical incidents such as weapon detection and violent acts.

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IntelliSee can detect threats before they become incidents and incidents before they become tragedies. 24/7/365 scanning of day-to-day risks such as slip hazards, fallen persons, trespassing, loitering, and unauthorized vehicles to more critical situations such as weapons and violent actions.

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When a threat is detected, instant alerts provide pre-determined stakeholders with the situational awareness and context needed to act quickly. Critical events can automatically trigger lockdowns, distribute emergency broadcasts, and contact local authorities when integrated within an AtlasIED mass communications ecosystem.

Detect and Protect

While others focus on only one risk, our platform covers multiple risks with deep-learning AI that constantly evolves.

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    Detect drawn weapons before shots are fired
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    Clean slip hazards before a fall
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    Detect fraudulent falls before legal fees are incurred
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    Monitor solo workers’ safety
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    Stop trespassers and loitering before vandalism, theft, or assaults
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    Detect employee no-shows and unguarded areas
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    Identify unauthorized vehicles
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    Identify building leaks
Threat Detection

All-In-One Threat Detection protects against common to catastrophic events

Wepon Detection
Slip and Fall Detection
Person Detection
Vehicle Detection
Fallen Person Detection
Wepon Detection

More than 1,000 weapons can be detected by IntelliSee including hand guns, long guns, and other weapons. Unlike other active shooter alert systems that rely on acoustics or air pressure to detect gunshots, IntelliSee detects weapons before they are used, saving valuable time when it matters the most.

Wepon Detection Web Cam
Slip and Fall
Slip and Fall Detection

From schools to grocery stores, hospitals, factories, and corporate offices, slip/fall hazards can happen at any time. By continuously monitoring spaces, IntelliSee can detect these hazards so they can be addressed before an incident occurs.

Slip and Fall Web Cam
Person Detection

Job abandonment, missing people, burglary, loitering, and trespassing are potential problems for every organization. Whether it’s people in a place they aren’t supposed to be, a person not in a place they are supposed to be, or people entering or leaving a geo-mapped area, IntelliSee can detect and notify.

Person Detection Web Cam
Vehicle Detection

Unexpected vehicles can create a myriad of problems, from safety risks and pathway obstructions to potential criminal activities. Prevent illegal dumping, address car break-ins, stop a trespasser before they leave the vehicle, and secure your perimeter with IntelliSee.

Vehicle Web Cam
Fallen Person
Fallen Person Detection

Detection of a fallen person or individual on the ground significantly enables an organization to respond quickly in scenarios such as medical emergencies, injuries, and altercations. IntelliSee proactively monitors for these situations which reduces the severity of potential injuries and enhances the safety of students, staff, customers, and visitors.

Fallen Person Detection Web Cam
Ceiling Camera
Seamless Integration

IntelliSee uses a non-disruptive connection between your security cameras and your VMS, router, or switch.

Security Technology

When integrated within an AtlasIED mass communications ecosystem, IntelliSee capabilities can be amplified to automatically broadcast pre-recorded PA announcements, send desktop notifications, contact local authorities, send SMS text messages, and more.

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Applications and Industries

No matter what type of commercial space, IntelliSee adapts seamlessly, empowering organizations to take a proactive approach to safety and security. IntelliSee’s advanced algorithms offer a multifaceted approach to security enhancement that proficiently identifies various risks and threats and allows customization to tailor its use to the unique needs and safety protocols of the organization.

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