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The IPX Series is the evolution of the IP endpoint category with the additional enhancements of modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

The IPX Series is the evolution of the IP endpoint category, maintaining the foundational features found in previous models that have been serving the market for almost 20 years, with the additional enhancements of modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

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IP-SDMF Speaker Front

IPX Speakers

IPX Series IP-speakers are available in several models designed to address the needs and requirements of a variety of installation types. All models use a high fidelity 8" speaker and include an integrated microphone for full duplex communication. Click here to learn more about IPX speaker models.

IP-DDS Dual Sided Clock and Speaker

IPX Visual Displays

IPX Series displays are designed to function in spaces that may not require a traditional speaker but do require visual communication via the integrated LCD screen and LED flashers. Models are also available with built-in speakers to facilitate general paging or emergency messaging in locations such as hallways. Click here to learn more about IPX visual display models.

IP-to-Analog Gateway

IPX IP-to-Analog Gateway

IPX Series IP-to-analog gateways allow for network connection of the gateway for audio and messaging transmission to analog amplifiers and speakers, allowing for greater coverage in areas that an IP speaker cannot cover. Click here to learn more about IPX IP-to-Analog gateway models.

Common Features

Network Ready

Network Ready

IPX Series IP endpoints are designed to live on an existing VoIP network, leveraging existing infrastructure to deliver clear and concise audible and visual announcements to specific zones or areas.

Auto Registration

Auto Registration

IPX endpoints are designed to automatically register with a wide array of 3rd party applications that increase their functionality and usability in a variety of deployments.


Power for More Speakers

Each IPX Series endpoint includes a unique Power for More Speakers (PFMS) port that allows connection of additional 8Ω speakers that can be powered by the onboard amplifier for additional coverage in classrooms, offices, or other locations requiring greater sound reinforcement.

IPX Speakers
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IPX Series: The Next Generation IP Enabled Speaker Solutions

IPX Visual Displays
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IP based visual displays support ADA compliance and assist communications in large spaces and areas with high ambient noise.

IP-to-Analog Gateways
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AtlasIED IP-to-analog gateways are perfect for connecting your unified communication platform to off network analog third party systems.

Communication Stations
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Communications consoles that interact directly with IPX endpoints and simplify the deployment of common and emergency messages.

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