Onboard DSP Power Amplifiers

DPA-Series Amplifiers

Multi-channel amplifiers with integrated DSP and network control

DPA Series Power Amplifiers
Multi-Channel • Flexible ConfigurationOnboard DSP Network Ready

Five Models to Meet Your Power Requirements
400-Watt Networkable 4-Channel Power Amplifier with Optional Dante™ Network Audio
800-Watt Networkable 4-Channel Power Amplifier with Optional Dante™ Network Audio
600-Watt Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier with Optional Dante™ Network Audio
1200-Watt Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier with Optional Dante™ Network Audio
2400-Watt Networkable Multi-Channel Power Amplifier with Optional Dante™ Network Audio
Analog Mixer Accessory Card for DPA Amplifiers
Dante™ Accessory Card for DPA Series Amplifiers
2-Channel x 100-Watt 4Ω Networkable Pole Mount Power Amplifier
Multi-Channel with Flexible Configuration Modes

AtlasIED designed the DPA Series to be your "everyday use" amplifier. You can stock in your inventory and it can be dynamically  configured in three different amplification arrangements to meet the design requirements of any installation. The unit is factory preconfigured in a two-channel 70V / 100V mode. If the design requires four channels of low impedance amplification, the amplifier can be configured as 4-channel model with either 4Ω or 8Ω load impedances. Many system designs require both low and high impedance amplification. This unit can be configured to deliver 70V / 100V for a paging / background system on a single channel plus two additional 4/8-Ohm amplifier channels for a foreground stereo application.

Two Channel 70V/100V Operation (Factory Default)

Four Channel 8Ω/4Ω Operation

Split Operation Two Channel 8Ω/4Ω and One Channel 70V/100V

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Configuration Modes
Network Ready

Each DPA Series amplifier provides network setup and control making it an affordable “game changer” in the commercial audio amplification world. You can connect the DPA Series to your local area network (LAN) and control it remotely.

Onboard DSP with Web-Based GUI
Web Based GUI
Access to theGUI (Graphical User Interface) is accomplished via any computer, tablet or mobile device using a web browser. It does not require a dedicated software application to program and operate the amplifier. Our GUI is embedded into the amplifier. A comprehensive set of "easy to program" digital signal processing is provided. You can mix and route the four provided input channels or expand to eight input channels via the expansion cards. Each channel has an assortment of DSP tools including level controls, EQ’s, limiters, high & low pass filters, and delay to provide flexibility for a range of applications.
System Control and Remote Monitoring
Using AtlasIED's Site Manager Software, you can view all DPA amplifiers within your entire system.
The software provides system fault reporting and signal status. Another feature is the ability to easily update all of your DPA amplifiers from one GUI.


AtlasIED Site Manager Software also provide automatic 'on' and 'standby' activation via a time scheduler. Now, your amps can automatically go into sleep mode and wake up when needed during your business hours.
Expansion Slot
Option #1 - Add Dante™ Digital Audio Capability

The DPA Series has an expansion slot allowing the capability to expand functionality. Our optional DPA-DAC4 card adds Dante™ network digital audio capability. You can receive up to 4 digital channels, and each can be mixed, processed and routed to any amplifier's output channels.
Expansion Slot
Option #2 - Add Four More Analog Input Channels

Using the expansion slot, you can add the DPA-AMIX card. This provides four more analog input channels expanding to eight total input channels. Each input channel can be mixed, processed, and routed to any amplifier's output channels.
Front Panel Controls with Tamper-Proof Security
Each DPA Series amplifier has tactical gain controls and status LED's. The front gain controls can be deactivated via the built-in DSP. This provides tamper-proof protection and ensures your system gain staging stays optimized.
Wall Mounted Remote Level Control
Using our optional WPD-VC10K, you can add up to 4 units and provide wall-mounted level control for each amplifier zone. The unit is constructed of durable ABS material and a removable label guard for easy and clean zone designation. The unit uses a 2 or 3 conductor cable. This unit can function in up to 200 feet from the DPA Series amp using 22-gauge wire.
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