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Authorized Distributor of InformaCast® Emergency Mass Notification Software from Singlewire®

When communication matters most, InformaCast notification software by Singlewire provides the speed and reach to get critical information into the hands of the people who need it. This versatile mass communication system works with mobile and on-premises devices to protect people when emergencies strike.

As distributor of Singlewire InformaCast software, AtlasIED is a single source for a complete life safety solution. Moreover, the experts in our Design Services department are available to assist with the design and implementation of InformaCast and IPX for a comprehensive Unified Communications (UC) environment.

K-12 Education

InformaCast makes everyday operations of the school day easier with zone paging and automated school bells while also keeping students and staff safe by connecting the office, classrooms, security, and administrators to help manage crisis situations efficiently.


InformaCast provides better emergency and clinical workflow communications, resulting in more time for staff to focus on providing excellent patient care.


Factories, warehouses, and any spaces with excessive noise can benefit from InformaCast by connecting to devices such as paging speakers, visual messaging devices, and ambient noise sensors which monitor the noise levels and ensure emergency communications can always be heard.

Colleges & Universities

A campus with multiple buildings and open public access can benefit from InformaCast by leveraging multiple communication methods such as SMS text, desktop notifications, IP devices, prerecorded messages, visual displays, and more to effectively and efficiently communicate in the event of an emergency.

InformaCast alert software integrates with our IPX family of IP Endpoints as well digital signage, and other IP devices to create an enhanced mass notification system. Manage situations with the ability to see who has read notifications, escalate messages to broader audiences, and know who is safe and who needs help. With scrolling text, audio, images, SMS messages, email, phone calls, and desktop pop-ups, organizations have more ways to reach more people.

When combined with InformaCast, IPX solutions offer advanced emergency notification features and amplify the capabilities of the entire on-premises communications network with visual and audible messaging in areas other systems cannot cover.

IPX solutions consist of InformaCast compliant IP endpoints that provide unmatched scalability and functionality. Models within the family include LCD displays with network time/date synchronization, built-in microphones for full duplex communications, and LED flashers. Additionally, IPX's IP to analog gateway can connect analog audio systems to the network for even more coverage during critical alerts.

Common IPX Features

Network Ready

Network Ready

IPX Series IP endpoints are designed to live on an existing VoIP network, leveraging existing infrastructure to deliver clear and concise audible and visual announcements to specific zones or areas.

Auto Registration

Auto Registration

IPX endpoints are designed to automatically register within InformaCast and a wide array of other 3rd party applications that increase their functionality and usability in a variety of deployments.


Power for More Speakers

Each IPX Series endpoint includes a unique Power for More Speakers (PFMS) port that allows connection of additional 8Ω speakers that can be powered by the onboard amplifier for additional coverage in classrooms, offices, or other locations requiring greater sound reinforcement.

Watch how IPX endpoint devices can differentiate between drills and actual emergency situations using color coded backgrounds on the LCD screen. Color coding messages can covertly offer additional information when used in education, healthcare, and industrial applications.

InformaCast Service Levels

InformaCast offers three service levels beyond Basic Paging to enhance the speed and reach of your communications. InformaCast Advanced reaches devices within a building or campus. InformaCast Mobile utilizes a mobile app and web console to reach people on their mobile devices, and InformaCast Fusion provides the best of both worlds, bringing together the ability to reach mobile and on-premises devices from a single interface.

InformaCast Advanced

Send a mass notification to on-premises devices throughout your building or campus.

InformaCast Mobile

Use a mobile app or web console to distribute a mass notification to mobile devices that reach people away from their desks or outside the building.

InformaCast Fusion

Provide the most complete coverage with IT alerting notifications that reach people on-premises and on mobile devices.

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