Floor Racks

Texas Tough Series

The most stylish and feature rich racks ever developed by AtlasIED.

The most advanced equipment racks in our line that can be used in both standalone and gangable applications.

45 RU 40 RU 35 RU 30 RU 25 RU 20 RU
35" Depth
with Acrylic Door TT45-35P TT40-35P TT35-35P - - -
with Solid Door TT45-35S TT40-35S TT35-35S - - -
with Perforated Door TT45-35V TT40-35V TT35-35V - - -
30" Depth
with Acrylic Door TT45-30P TT40-30P TT35-30P TT30-30P TT25-30P TT20-30P
with Solid Door TT45-30S TT40-30S TT35-30S TT30-30S TT25-30S TT20-30S
with Perforated Door TT45-30V TT40-30V TT35-30V TT30-30V TT25-30V TT20-30V
25" Depth
with Acrylic Door TT45-25P TT40-25P TT35-25P TT30-25P TT25-25P TT20-25P
with Solid Door TT45-25S TT40-25S TT35-25S TT30-25S TT25-25S TT20-25S
with Perforated Door TT45-25V TT40-25V TT35-25V TT30-25V TT25-25V TT20-25V