PoE+ Indoor/Outdoor IP Horn


    AtlasIED IP-APX is a constant directivity weather resistant, wall/ pole mount IP speaker with high-output horn. It compliments the Unified Communications (VoIP Communications) Investment including on-premises and hosted infrastructure platforms so that information can be pushed to spaces beyond the world of desktop telephony communication and breaking any traditional audio-path barriers. Environment-resistant unit features a 60o x 40o (+10o) constantdispersion pattern across the controlled frequency band of 1.25-10 kHz. The rotating bell pivots in precise 15 degree increments for exact on-site positioning of projection angles. A triple lock security mounting method saves installation time and provides long-term stability.

    AtlasIED IP-APX registers as a communication endpoint directly within InformaCast, GCK, and Syn-Apps' Revolution advanced notification applications, supporting audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded & scheduled announcements, while leveraging the WAN or LAN network architecture.

    AtlasIED IP-APX supports Call Manager publisher subscriber SIP Service call processing failover. This service provides remote location callprocessing redundancy when access to the centralized Call Manager is interrupted becuase of a WAN outage. In Cisco® UMC environment, IPX endpoints can register to either Cisco's basic or advanced 3rd party SIP device service for intercom or paging functionality. IPX must use Cisco's advanced 3rd party SIP device service when registering to a publisher subscriber configuration is required.

    IP-APX endpoint can register as a SIP device directly to a SIP device directly to a SIP server or CoIP Communications Manager for critical alerts and publicaddress applications.

    IP-APX Installation Sheet (7 pages) 960 KB
    IP-APX Datasheet (5 pages) 368 KB

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