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Warranty Claims, Returns, and Product Repair Requests
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Fax: +1 (800) 765-3435
Note: Return Requests are for authorized AtlasIED dealers only

Warranty Information

All products manufactured by AtlasIED (Atlas Sound/Innovative Electronic Designs) are warranted to the original dealer/installer, industrial or commercial purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to be in compliance with our published specifications, if any. The product warranty is non-transferrable and all third-party products supplied by AtlasIED are warranted for the period of time and with the warranty given by the third party but not less than one year from invoice date.

This warranty shall extend from the date of shipment for the duration in the product page’s Specifications.

AtlasIED will solely at its discretion, replace at no charge, repair free of charge, or issue credit for defective parts or products when the product has been applied and used in accordance with our published operation and installation instructions. AtlasIED is not responsible for defects caused by improper storage, misuse (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), accident, abnormal atmospheres, water immersion, lightning discharge, or malfunctions when products have been modified or operated in excess of rated power, altered, serviced or installed in other than a workman like manner.

In cases where the customer experiences problems with a product within the initial standard warranty period, AtlasIED may issue an advance replacement for the defective product if requested by the customer and permitting that the replacement is in stock and available. AtlasIED provides no guarantee that a replacement will be available. If a replacement is not available, the customer will be required to send the product in for a warranty repair or replacement of similar product. If the requesting customer is a direct customer of AtlasIED, the replacement product will be charged to the customer’s account, then credited back once the defective unit is returned. If the customer is not a direct customer of AtlasIED, a credit card payment for MSRP of the replacement item is mandatory for Advance Replacement. Once the defective unit is returned, the credit card will be credited in the original amount. Both credits are subject to our standard warranty policy for covering defective units.

The following provisions apply to advance replacement requests:

  • Advance replacements will not be sent to cover any product that is currently out of warranty unless the customer is a Platinum Assurance Plan or Modified Assurance Plan member with the appropriate coverage for replacement hardware through IED Support Services, LLC.
  • The customer may be required to issue a purchase order for the replacement product that includes the purchase price of the product with a note indicating that the purchase order is for an advance replacement exchange. A credit will be issued against the order once the defective product has been returned. In the event that the customer does not return the product to AtlasIED in a timely manner, they will be liable for paying the outstanding invoice for the product.
  • The serial number(s) for the return part(s) must be provided in order to issue an advance replacement exchange. AtlasIED will issue a Return Authorization (RA) that will be used for the return of the exchanged product.
  • Advance replacements are covered for the original product warranty period only.
  • If the defective item is not returned within 30 days of the replacement shipping, shows signs of use abuse or neglect causing failure, or our testing shows the item is not defective, credit for the Advanced Replacement Item will be denied.

AtlasIED will provide diagnostic support for 5400 and ACS (GLOBALCOM®) system failure or total system interruption via telephone and/or customer provided high-speed Internet access on a 24/7/365 basis. All other assistance will be available during the warranty period only between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday except holidays. All interpretation of this provision will be in the sole discretion of AtlasIED. The original sales invoice must be retained as evidence of purchase under the terms of this warranty. All warranty returns must comply with our returns policy set forth below. When products returned to Atlas Sound do not qualify for repair, replacement, or credit under our warranty, repairs may be performed at prevailing costs for material and labor unless there is included with the returned product(s) a written request for an estimate of repair costs before any non-warranty work is performed. In the event of replacement or upon completion of repairs, return shipment will be made with the transportation charges collect.


Return Policy for Approved AtlasIED Dealers

Please note: This return policy only applies to approved AtlasIED dealers only.

Standard Returns

We accept returned merchandise only under the following conditions:

  • Claims under our Limited Warranty.
  • Errors in order entry or shipment by AtlasIED.

AtlasIED Easy Stock Return Program

Return Authorizations will be provided for:

  • All new and unopened product that is within 120 days of purchase – 0% Restocking Fee
  • All new and unopened product that is 120 to 180 days of purchase – 15% Restocking Fee

Have you opened your purchase to inspect it? Here are your options:

  • All new and opened product that is within 120 days of purchase – 15% Restocking Fee
  • All new and opened product that is 120 to 180 days of purchase – 25% Restocking Fee

For the fastest and most accurate returns, please send all requests by using the buttons at the top of this page. If you happen to call us, we will kindly ask that you use the forms to ensure we receive all necessary information to process your request efficiently.

We must have a copy of your original invoice before issuing any Return Authorizations. Please also remember to include a copy of your original invoice inside the return as well. We also require that you add the provided RA Number as an ‘Attention To’ line to the shipping label to help us process your request even faster.

We hope you understand that we cannot accept any items that have been removed from the original factory packaging, are missing the packaging and/or hardware, have been previously installed, or have been altered in any way from the factory standards.

AtlasIED thoroughly inspects our returns upon arrival. If all conditions stated above are not met, we reserve the right to refuse credit. On all credit refusals, the customer is responsible for all return freight and/or disposal costs.

Return Authorization Requests are held open for 30 days from the date of approval and will be closed after that time rendering all agreements to the authorization null and void.

All GLOBALCOM® systems are exempt from our Easy Stock Return Program.

Return Freight

Dealer is responsible for return freight and insurance on ALL Easy Stock Returns. No merchandise will be accepted for return under any circumstance without prior written authorization. Unauthorized returns will be refused and placed in the hands of the carrier at the expense of the shipper. Any credit will be issued in the form of a credit memo.

Loss or Damage in Transit

Damages or losses incurred in transit are excluded from our warranty statement. If product is received damaged, the Buyer is responsible for contacting the carrier immediately. All shipments signed for by the Buyer holding the carrier free and clear of damages become the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Claims for Loss or Damage in Transit

AtlasIED provides two options to our customers for freight shipments.

  • Orders for $2500 or more qualify for prepaid freight and are shipped FOB (Free on Board) Destination. Prepaid freight is only available for shipments within the Continental US.

    • If product is missing or damaged from a Prepaid (FOB Destination) shipment, this must be noted at time of receipt on both the carrier's and recipient’s copies of the freight bill and POD. Further, please notify AtlasIED at within 2 business days with the Purchase Order (PO), copy of the annotated POD, and a description of the Loss or Damage. If the claim is of damage, please also include pictures of the damage in the email.
    • AtlasIED is responsible for loss or damage on prepaid shipments (FOB Destination) until the POD (Proof of Delivery) is signed “Free and Clear” by the destination (customer) or representative.
  • Orders less than $2500 that do not qualify for prepaid freight are shipped solely at the customer’s discretion and the shipping modes and charges are all billed to the customer’s account.

    • The buyer is responsible for any loss or damage when utilizing their own shipping account once the product has left the AtlasIED warehouse.
    • If product is missing or damaged and shipped on the customer’s account, please notify the carrier immediately to initiate a claim. Please note, in this situation, AtlasIED has no standing or culpability in damaged or missing products.
  • If you discover damage after delivery, immediately report the damage to the carrier and request an inspection. The length of time allowed to report concealed loss or damage varies in different locations and with different carriers. Published carrier rules should be read carefully.

    • The carton and packing materials as well as the damaged products should be held for inspection. As a note, you will also be required by the carrier to file a written claim within a certain timeframe, but this policy is stipulated by the carrier.
  • AtlasIED will not accept return of merchandise damaged in transit and will not be responsible in any way for losses or damages in transit after the POD is signed “Free and Clear.”
  • AtlasIED is not responsible for damage or loss claims on items returned under the stock return program.

Payment Terms for Approved AtlasIED Dealers

Standard terms: 2% 15 days, Net 30 or Net 15 Credit Card, FOB Factory. All invoices payable in US Dollars We recognize that occasionally invoices will go beyond terms. AtlasIED has arranged with our bank a credit facility allowing AtlasIED to carry your past due invoices at a credit facility charge rate of 1.25% APR. The monthly facility charge will be added to your account balance for all amounts past due.

Minimum Billing - $50; Orders less than $50.00 will be invoiced at $50 net plus shipping - NO EXCEPTIONS

Delays in Shipment - AtlasIED cannot be held responsible for delays in shipment to the extent caused by conditions beyond our control, such as defaults of suppliers, material shortages, freight delays, sabotage, strikes, adverse weather conditions, acts of god, etc.
AtlasIED shall not be responsible for fees or fines incurred by our customers due to delayed delivery.

Freight Allowance Policy: In general, there are two freight allowance policies covering the various AtlasIED product categories and customers. Only products covered by the same policy may be combined to attain a freight allowance. AtlasIED reserves the right to modify these freight terms for any customer or product type at any time.

Policy A

Ground freight prepaid within the contiguous Unites States on $2500 (or as otherwise stated by AtlasIED) or more invoice value of product, per destination. This is non-accumulative in dollar value with products covered by other freight policies. Freight prepaid shipments will ship via AtlasIED approved carrier. Customers in Alaska will receive freight allowance to Seattle, WA. Customers in Hawaii will receive freight allowance to San Francisco, CA. Customers in Puerto Rico will receive freight allowance to Miami, FL. Customers in Canada and Mexico will receive freight allowance to the closest US point of exit.

Policy B

No freight allowance. All shipments will be forwarded freight-prepaid by AtlasIED with said costs added to the invoice for product unless otherwise specified.

Lift gates, inside delivery, residential delivery or other special freight services may incur additional charges and will be added upon AtlasIED being billed for those services.

Drop Ship Fee – A $10 warehouse/drop ship fee will be accessed for all orders shipping to destination other than those addresses on file for the customer’s locations

Out of Warranty Options

Upon the expiration of the above described LIMITED WARRANTY, the following options are available for extended service, warranty, and/or maintenance on 5400 Series systems and GCK (GLOBALCOM®) systems:

  • Assurance Plans provide comprehensive preventive hardware and software warranty, service, and maintenance. For information contact AtlasIED Support Services at +1 (502) 267-7436 X1629. Assurance plans are highly recommended to ensure optimum system functionality. Systems that are covered under AtlasIED Assurance may qualify for discounts should the system ever need to be expanded or upgraded.
  • Parts can remain out of warranty and be subject to the following Out-of-Warranty Service Fee structure and payment options.
    • $550 for first 90 minutes of phone/service support
    • $450 per additional hour thereafter
    • This service level covers support Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST only, excluding holidays. (24/7/365 support is only available via Assurance Plan coverage... contact AtlasIED Support Services for more information... or +1-502-267-7436 X1629 )
    • Payment options required to prevent delay in our response to you:
      • If you currently have credit terms with AtlasIED no additional items are required. However, since AtlasIED Support Services is providing the warranty services, a purchase order to AtlasIED Support Services will be necessary to prevent delays.
      • If you do not currently have credit terms with AtlasIED, a credit card is required for telephone support. To expedite assistance, we recommend having a credit card and authorization information ready BEFORE you call for service to prevent delays.
    • Advance replacement is only provided to those with advance replacement coverage by the aforementioned Assurance Plan.

Platinum Assurance Extended Warranty Program

Extended Warranty Protection and Preventive Measures

Designed with inherent redundancies, AtlasIED systems are recognized as being extremely reliable, however failures can occur. The Platinum Assurance Plan from AtlasIED On Call provides numerous preventive measures including:

  • Scheduled system health checks
  • First responder training
  • Periodic software upgrades
  • Locally available hardware replacements

This comprehensive program will minimize the risk of down time and maintain long-term system operation.


Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy

Atlas Sound L.P. and Innovative Electronic Designs, LLC (AtlasIED) take pride in providing and selling high-quality products under brand names including Atlas Sound, Atlas Power, Atlas Racks, Atlas Support, Innovative Electronic Designs, AtlasIED, and others, and expects retailers who resell the products to maintain AtlasIED’s high standards and the image of the high-quality brands it sells. We also expect the retailers who offer AtlasIED’s products to take the time to learn about our products so that they can properly support their customers. To encourage these efforts, we want retailers to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. This is why it is our policy not to do business with retailers who use low advertised price tactics to induce customers created through the hard work of others. AtlasIED believes that these tactics lower the level of service that other retailers can provide to customers. For these reasons, AtlasIED has implemented this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (the “Policy”).

Each retailer selling products it purchases through AtlasIED remains free to establish its own resale prices; however, following verification by AtlasIED to its satisfaction that a retailer has advertised or promoted any product below AtlasIED’s Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”), AtlasIED may immediately suspend or terminate the retailer’s ability to purchase products offered by AtlasIED. The current MAP can be found on AtlasIED’s pricelist or upon request.

This Policy applies to all authorized Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronic Designs dealers and resellers. It applies to all advertisements, published or online information in hard copy or digital form that reference AtlasIED products. Advertisements include any form of media such as post cards, flyers, print ads, signage, digital signage, radio, television, auction sites, social media, and broadcast emails to public or private lists. Online pricing includes any communication of price accessible by a web crawler or price comparison site.

AtlasIED MAP guidelines:

AtlasIED resellers may not use online pricing below MAP if it is accessible by a web crawler or price comparison site.

AtlasIED resellers may advertise AtlasIED products:

  • Without prices
  • With free shipping
  • With a discount or rebate applied in the cart to all products
  • Advising to call for pricing

MAP will not apply to discontinued AtlasIED products beginning 90 days after the date AtlasIED announces the discontinuation.

Each retailer who purchases products from AtlasIED is free to independently decide whether or not to follow this Policy. AtlasIED does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from a retailer regarding this Policy; nor will AtlasIED discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this Policy. Nothing in any contract or understanding between AtlasIED and any retailer is intended to create any agreement by retailers to adhere to this Policy.

AtlasIED will decide independently and on its own whether a retailer has violated this Policy and what to do about it. While every retailer is free to decide for itself how to do business and what prices to offer, AtlasIED reserves its own right to suspend or stop doing business with any retailer who chooses to ignore this important Policy.

AtlasIED dealers, representatives and employees do not have the authority to discuss or modify this Policy or create exceptions to it. This Policy is subject to change at any time by AtlasIED in its sole discretion.

Purchaser's Agreement

AtlasIED rejects any terms or conditions stated by customer or contained in customer’s purchase documents or correspondence which are in addition to, conflict with or limit the terms and conditions herein. Customer’s placement of an order shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions herein and shall be deemed to exclude any additional, conflicting or limiting terms stated by Customer or contained in Customer’s purchase documents or correspondence.

Even though we make every effort to avoid errors, we reserve the right to correct typographical, photographic, clerical or printing errors, and to change specifications to improve products and/or manufacturing methods.

All orders placed without ship dates or ship dates longer than 90 days may be subject to scheduled price increase(s).

Payment Terms for Non-Dealers

Generally, purchasing products and/or services on our website require full pre-payment of products/services, taxes (where applicable) and shipping costs (if applicable). Credit card payments can be made during the checkout process.

Direct AtlasIED dealers will have different terms.

Return Policy for Non-Dealers

The AtlasIED 30-Day Direct Purchase Money-Back Guarantee

Please note: This return policy does not apply to AtlasIED Direct Dealers.

At AtlasIED, we take pride in the quality and function of our products. Therefore, if you are not impressed with our product, you can return any items purchased directly from within 30 days. Products purchased from authorized AtlasIED dealers must be returned through that same dealer. Products purchased through non-authorized AtlasIED dealers may not be returned.

Return Exceptions:

  • Any product not purchased directly from
  • Any product without a valid, readable serial number
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories
  • Any product that exhibits physical damage or abuse

For the fastest and most accurate return, please send your request to us via email at to receive a Return Authorization (RA) number and instructions for your return. If you happen to call us, we will kindly ask you to send your request via email so that we can record it in writing.

We must have a copy of your original invoice before issuing any Return Authorizations. Please also remember to include a copy of your original invoice inside the return as well. We also require that you add the provided RA number as an ‘Attention To’ line to the shipping label to help us process your request even faster.

All returned merchandise must be in original condition, and must include the original factory box (UPC bar codes and serial numbers must be intact), factory packaging, peripherals (wires, hardware, etc.), and all instruction booklets. The RA number must not be written or printed on the product box or packaging.

AtlasIED thoroughly inspects our returns upon arrival. If all conditions stated above are not met, we reserve the right to refuse credit. On all credit refusals, the customer is responsible for all return freight and/or disposal costs.

Return Authorization Requests are held open for 30 days from the date of approval and will be closed after that time rendering all agreements to the authorization null and void.

Statement of End User Network Responsibility

AtlasIED provides network based Public Address Systems (PAS) deployed on a wide variety of networks at end user facilities worldwide. As such, a primary factor, directly impacting the reliability of the PAS, is a properly configured, reliable, and stable network on which the PAS resides/functions.

AtlasIED is not responsible, and thus, shall have no liability, for either (a) the end user’s network requirements, including without limitation, those related to the overall performance, security, and other pertinent network criteria, or (b) the end user’s facility network infrastructure, including without limitation, the hardware and/or software utilized for the network on which the PAS resides. AtlasIED relies solely upon the end user’s network owner/manager for the design, provision, configuration, and maintenance of the network, in a manner that enables proper PAS function ability/functionality. If the network on which the PAS resides is improperly designed, configured, or maintained, or malfunctions due to a failure, or undergoes changes or/ modifications, then impacts to the reliability, functionality, or stability of the PAS can be expected. This can result in PAS system anomalies that are outside the control of AtlasIED. In such instances, AtlasIED can be a resource to support the end user’s network owner/manager in diagnosing the problems and attempting to restore the PAS to a fully functioning and reliable state. However, for network-related issues, AtlasIED may look to the end user to recover costs associated with such support activities. For those end-users covered by either the prevailing AtlasIED OEM Limited Warranty and/or an AtlasIED Assurance Plan, and upon request by the end user, AtlasIED will collaborate with all parties (AtlasIED certified integrators and/or end users) to provide limited assistance with network diagnostics at no additional cost to the end user. The extent and nature of this assistance will be based on the specific scenario. Under these programs, AtlasIED will solely determine when/if applicable charges for technical support will be applied. Out of warranty end users, and/or those not covered by an Assurance Plan will be assisted as technical support is available and applicable charges for that technical support will apply.

In cases of a cyber-attack on an end user network resulting in the infection of an AtlasIED component, AtlasIED will not assist with “fixing” the component once infected. If no other option is available, we will wipe the component clean and reload factory settings at the current AtlasIED hourly configuration fee.

AtlasIED will not be liable for any consequences or damages, whether actual, direct, indirect, exemplary, special, consequential, or otherwise, for any end user network upon which a PAS resides/ functions that is not properly configured, reliable, and/or stable.


Statement of Responsibility Regarding Windows® OS Updates

The Windows® operating systems on AtlasIED GLOBALCOM™.IP based products which include the IP100 Series products and the DELL server platforms, are updated at the time of initial installation of the AtlasIED software with the latest AtlasIED approved Windows® updates prior to shipment. The Windows® operating system on 1151 and 1152 server-based systems are updated at the time of initial installation of the AtlasIED software with the latest, pertinent Windows® updates available at the time of the initial software installation.

In either case, once the initial installation of AtlasIED software and Windows® updates are complete, Windows® updates are then turned off. Additionally, AtlasIED does not recommend automatic installation of future Windows® updates as this could adversely affect system function or cause system restarts on its own. AtlasIED periodically, or on any special as-needed basis, reviews security updates for Windows IoT for our GLOBALCOM™.IP products, and releases update packages suitable for off-line installation. Other versions of Windows®, such as Windows® Server, running non-GLOBALCOM™.IP systems on hardware platforms such as Dell servers can be updated if desired from standard Microsoft internet resources. If the owner of AtlasIED system(s) elects to install additional Windows® updates, that owner is responsible for all installation and testing of said updates. In the event that such update(s) cause system functional abnormalities, AtlasIED can provide technical advice and assistance.

AtlasIED will solely determine when/if applicable charges for technical advice and assistance will be applied. Out of warranty end users, and/or those not covered by an Assurance Plan, will be assisted as technical support is available and applicable charges for that technical support will be applied.