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AtlasIED offers a variety of ways for authorized customers to obtain
pricing, product availability, and to submit purchase orders.

For Atlas Support

Inside US
(800) 876-3333
Outside US
(602) 438-4545
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
7AM to 4PM MST

For IED Support

(502) 267-7436
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM to 5PM EST

Authorized, direct AtlasIED customers, submitting purchase orders for approval: by email, by fax, or using our website.

To Submit PO Via E-mail or Fax

Submit via E-mail
Submit Via Fax
(800) 765-3435

Authorized Direct AtlasIED customers can create purchase orders online using the shopping cart functionality. Click the image below to register your account to enable this function.

Design Assistance

Let us help you with designing and applying our product solutions into your project. Our team is knowledgeable in all facets of audio, paging, networking, DSP, power amplification, loudspeakers and even equipment cabinet selection. We are here to help.

For Atlas Design Assistance

Inside US
(800) 876-3333
Outside US
(602) 438-4545
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
7AM to 4PM MST

For IED Design Assistance

(502) 267-7436
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM to 5PM EST

If you are using an Apple device, please use Firefox or Chrome rather than Safari to submit your design request.

Product Repair

Seeking repair assistance, AtlasIED's service departments are here to make the process easy. Contact us for assistance.

For Atlas Repair

Inside US
(877) 689-8055
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30AM to 4:30PM CST

For IED Repair

(502) 267-7436
Phone Support Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30AM to 5:30PM EST
Warranty Statement

Designed with inherent redundancies, AtlasIED systems are recognized as being extremely reliable, however failures can occur. The Platinum Assurance Plan from AtlasIED On Call provides numerous preventive measures including:

All products manufactured by AtlasIED (Atlas Sound/Innovative Electronic Designs) are warranted to the original dealer/installer, industrial or commercial purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to be in compliance with our published specifications, if any. Product warranty is non-transferrable and all third-party products supplied by AtlasIED are warranted for the period of time and with the warranty given by the third party but not less than one year from invoice date.

This warranty shall extend from the date of shipment for the following duration per product category:

Passive Loudspeaker Products 5-Years
Line Array and Line Column Loudspeakers 5-Years
Loudspeaker Hardware 5-Years
Passive Attenuators & Volume Controls 5-Years
Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement Systems 1-Year
Classroom Security & Sound Reinforcement Accessory Microphones 90-Days
Amplifiers, Mixer/Amplifiers & TSD Series Amplifiers 3-Years
BlueBridge® Digital Signal Processors 3-Years
BlueBridge® DSP Wall Controllers 1-Year
Sound Masking Electronics 3-Years
MTX Home and Pro Loudspeakers 1-Year
Electronic Accessories, PSUs & Telephony Products 90-Days
Metal Rack & Cabinet Products 5-Years
Active Rack Accessories 1-Year
AC Power Conditioners, Sequencers, & Distribution Units 1-Year
Interconnects & Accessories 5-Years
Microphone Stands (Except Musician Series) 2-Years
Musician Series Microphone Stands 1-Year
Microphone Stand Accessories 90-Days
Replacement Parts 1-Year
VoIP Loudspeakers 1-Year
VoIP Devices 1-Year
Fuses, Lamps, Batteries No Warranty
5400 Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Amplifiers (GLOBALCOM®) 3-Years
1500 Series PoE Compact Power Amplifiers 3-Years
ACS Series Controllers, Communication Stations, & Accessories (GLOBALCOM®) 3-Years
Titan DSP Mainframes & Accessories 3-Years

AtlasIED will solely at its discretion, replace at no charge or repair free of charge defective parts or products when the product has been applied and used in accordance with our published operation and installation instructions. We will not be responsible for defects caused by improper storage, misuse (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance), accident, abnormal atmospheres, water immersion, lightning discharge, or malfunctions when products have been modified or operated in excess of rated power, altered, serviced or installed in other than a workman like manner.

AtlasIED will provide diagnostic support for 5400 and ACS (GLOBALCOM®) system failure or total system interruption via telephone and/or customer provided high-speed Internet access on a 24/7/365 basis. System set-up configuration assistance will be available during the warranty period only between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday except holidays. All interpretation of this provision will be in the sole discretion of AtlasIED.

The original sales invoice should be retained as evidence of purchase under the terms of this warranty. All warranty returns must comply with our returns policy set forth below. When products returned to Atlas Sound do not qualify for repair or replacement under our warranty, repairs may be performed at prevailing costs for material and labor unless there is included with the returned product(s) a written request for an estimate of repair costs before any non-warranty work is performed. In the event of replacement or upon completion of repairs, return shipment will be made with the transportation charges collect.


AtlasIED does not assume, or does it authorize any other person to assume or extend on its behalf, any other warranty, obligation, or liability. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.


Upon the expiration of the above described LIMITED WARRANTY, the following options are available for extended service, warranty, and/or maintenance on 5400 Series systems and GCK (GLOBALCOM®) systems:

  • Platinum Assurance Plans provide comprehensive preventive hardware and software warranty, service, and maintenance. For
    information contact Support Services at 1-502-267-7436 x1629. PAP is highly recommended to ensure optimum system functionality. Systems that are covered under PAP may qualify for discounts should the system ever need to be expanded or upgraded.
  • Parts can remain out of warranty and be subject to the following Out-of-Warranty Service Fee structure and payment options.
    • $225 for first 90 minutes of phone/service support
    • $175 per additional hour thereafter
    • This service level covers support Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST only excluding holidays. (24/7/365 support is only available via Platinum or Modified Assurance Plan coverage.)
    • Payment options required to prevent delay in our response to you:
      • If you currently have credit terms with AtlasIED no additional items are required. However, since IED Support Services LLC (NOT IED LLC) is providing the warranty services, a Purchase Order to IEDSS will be necessary to prevent delays.
      • If you do not currently have credit terms with AtlasIED, a credit card is required for telephone support. To expedite assistance we recommend having a credit card and authorization information ready BEFORE you call for service to prevent delays.
    • Advanced replacement is only provided to those with advance replacement coverage by the aforementioned Assurance Plan.


Standard Returns
We will accept returned merchandise only under the following conditions:

  • Claims under our Limited Warranty.
  • Errors in order entry or shipment by AtlasIED.

Stock Adjustment Accommodation Returns
All requests for stock adjustment returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Accommodation return requests MUST be made within 90 days of product invoice date to the original authorized dealer/reseller.
  • All product must be in "as new" condition and must be returned in original manufacturer’s packaging material with all related manuals and accessories included.

All accommodation returns will be thoroughly inspected upon arrival to AtlasIED. If all conditions stated above are not met, no credit shall be issued and customer will be responsible for all return freight and/or disposal costs.

Restock Fee
If the dealer invoice value is under $125 a flat $25.00 restock fee applies. If product value is over $125, restock fee is equal to 20% of the product value.

Return Freight
Dealer is responsible for return freight and insurance on ALL accommodation returns. No merchandise will be accepted for return under any circumstance without prior written authorization. Unauthorized returns will be refused and placed in the hands of the carrier at the expense of the shipper. Any credit will be issued in the form of a credit memo.

Loss or Damage in Transit
All AtlasIED shipments are F.O.B. our plant(s) unless otherwise specified. We recommend that you promptly open the carton and inspect the shipment on delivery. If product is missing or damaged, make a notation to that effect on the carrier’s and your copies of the freight bill and delivery receipt. If you discover damage after delivery, immediately report the damage to the carrier and request an inspection. The length of time allowed to report concealed loss or damage varies in different sections of the country and with different carriers, but in many instances it is less than 10 days after delivery. Published carrier rules should be read carefully. The carton and packing materials as well as the damaged products should be held for inspection. Generally, you will also be required by the carrier to file a written claim within a certain time. AtlasIED will not accept return of merchandise damaged in transit, and will not be responsible in any way for losses or damages in transit. AtlasIED will set the declared value and level of protection of each shipment to avoid Carrier imposed insurance surcharges unless the customer instructs us in writing to procure additional coverage, in which case, such additional coverage will be ordered at the customer’s expense.

Purchaser’s Agreement
AtlasIED rejects any terms or conditions stated by customer or contained in customer’s purchase documents or correspondence which are in addition to, conflict with or limit the terms and conditions herein. Customer’s placement of an order shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions herein and shall be deemed to exclude any additional, conflicting or limiting terms stated by Customer or contained in Customer’s purchase documents or correspondence.

Even though we make every effort to avoid errors, we reserve the right to correct typographical, photographic, clerical or printing errors, and to change specifications to improve products and/or manufacturing methods.


Extended Warranty Protection and Preventive Measures
Designed with inherent redundancies, AtlasIED systems are recognized as being extremely reliable, however failures can occur. The Platinum Assurance Plan from AtlasIED On Call provides numerous preventive measures including:
  • Scheduled system health checks
  • First responder training
  • Periodic software upgrades
  • Locally available hardware replacements
This comprehensive program will minimize the risk of down time and maintain long-term system operation.
Fixed Agreement Price - No Budget Surprises!
The AtlasIED Platinum Assurance Plan provides comprehensive support at a fixed price that allows budgeting years in advance. Delaying repairs, software upgrades or computer replacements while waiting for budget approvals or purchasing procedures can intensify problems, potentially endangering those your system was designed to protect.

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Features and Benefits
Learn about our specific protection features by clicking on each tab below.

Priority (One Hour Response) Tech Support 24/7/365

Your facility does not take days off, neither does AltasIED On Call. Call tracking and monthly reports provide a continuous service history.

Extended Hardware and Software Warranty

AtlasIED airport communications systems are software intensive, so it is essential to keep your system up to date for proper operation. AtlasIED On Call periodically upgrades software and repairs hardware quickly without additional cost.

Prompt Emergency Service for MNEC Systems

Should emergency service be necessary for a system required for life safety, AtlasIED On Call will endeavor to place a technician on site within 12-24 hours.

Recurrent Technical Training

The ability to deliver excellent support depends on trained personnel who are prepared for day-to-day operations and can identify problems if they occur. AtlasIED On Call maintains the necessary skills with annual factory training to ensure personnel have a thorough understanding of the system and the latest troubleshooting techniques.

Local Availability of Critical Spare Part

Essential system components can be pre-positioned at or near your facility to provide an added layer of security in the event of a failure.

Scheduled Equipment Replacement

Network servers, workstations, other computer hardware, and displays are subject to failure after several years of continuous operation. To minimize this problem, these components are automatically replaced on an established schedule.*

Advance Hardware Replacements

If a system component fails, and a local spare part is not available, AtlasIED On Call will ship you an advanced hardware replacement. No longer must you wait for your unit to be repaired or purchase a new unit to get your system up and running.

Initial and Annual System Health Checks and Written Reports

Keeping everyone informed is a key to your AtlasIED system’s health and ongoing welfare. AtlasIED On Call documents and catalogs all system health reports in an effort to track and monitor long term system trends and operation. On-Site systems surveys can detect potential faults before they become serious problems. Annual on-site inspections from AtlasIED On Call will give you peace of mind that your communication system is operating in the best possible manner.

Message Library Updates

Up to date messages, whether delivering customer information or the latest security procedures are essential. AtlasIED On Call includes monthly message updates, professionally recorded for your airport, and are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing established?

Many factors will be considered, including: age of the installation, current condition of the system(s), historical service experience both by IED and the contractor, and in some cases the requirements of an RFP from the end users.

What role will our Contractor partners play in the PAP?

This will vary depending on the contractor/ end user relationship, and the role the contractors desire to play.

Why a fixed cost pricing structure as opposed to T&M?

Research has shown that most end users prefer a fixed cost over time and materials for ease of budgeting (no T&M surprises), and additionally, they place significant value on preventive features (scheduled replacement of servers, hard drives and processors, annual visits, spare parts, required recurring training, and extended hardware and software warranty) that provide proactive prevention rather than reactive measures. Many end users have similar agreements on Fire Alarm, Security and other critical systems. Also AtlasIED must have resources to provide service technicians who are ready and able to respond 24/7/365.