Building Communication and Mass Notification Systems

Emergency notification system software solutions should seamlessly integrate with a building's—such as school's—mass communication systems to create a secure and safe learning environment. As a leading pro-audio manufacturer, AtlasIED understands the pivotal role that clear and impactful communication plays in commercial environments. Our systems are meticulously designed to help educational facilities get critical information quickly. Our products cater to the diverse communication needs of educational commercial institutions.
Applications like airports, transportation hubs, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals also need mass notification systems. Effective communication is more than just words; it's part of safety and security protocols. AtlasIED systems go beyond conventional expectations, delivering crystal-clear sound quality and intuitive control features. If there’s a need to broadcast important company announcements, or alerts, our audio systems provide a reliable backbone for seamless and intelligible communication. With a commitment to innovation and quality, AtlasIED empowers a business with audio solutions that ensure every voice is heard and every message resonates.

InformaCast® Software by Singlewire®

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InformaCast notification software by Singlewire provides the speed and reach to get critical information into the hands of the people who need it.

IntelliSee® AI Risk Mitigation Platform

Picture for category IntelliSee<sup>&reg;</sup> AI Risk Mitigation Platform

An Al-powered risk mitigation platform helps schools, hospitals, and businesses strengthen their approach to organizational safety.

GLOBALCOM® Enterprise Communication Ecosystem

Picture for category GLOBALCOM<sup>®</sup> Enterprise Communication Ecosystem

The NEW STANDARD in Enterprise-Wide Communications

5400 Series Life Safety Public Address System

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IPX Series Endpoints

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The IPX Series is the evolution of the IP endpoint category with the additional enhancements of modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.