Comprehensive selection of horns for a variety of applications and installation requirements.

Professional-grade solutions for commercial environments

Large Format Horns

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Professional high-output speakers for use in large venues 

Paging Horns

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High-output speakers for indoor, outdoor and adverse environments. Includes industry standard 15 and 30 watt models, constant directivity horns, long throw projectors and compression drivers

Explosion Proof Horns

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Assortment of UL Listed Explosion-Proof horns to match with explosion-proof speaker drivers



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Line of siren speakers for vehicular, community and industrial warning applications



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Optional accessories such as mounting hardware, adapters, and high-output 70V/100V transformers.

Speaker horns play a pivotal role in delivering high output sound across diverse applications. They are indispensable components in the AtlasIED product lineup, designed to cater to the unique needs of various commercial environments. Their importance lies not only in their ability to project sound efficiently over long distances but also in their precision and clarity, ensuring that every nuance of the audio content is faithfully reproduced. Whether it's in large auditoriums, sports venues, parking lots, or busy public spaces, these solutions are engineered to provide optimal coverage and intelligibility.

Moreover, the AtlasIED commitment to meeting installation requirements is evident in the versatility of product designs, accommodating different mounting options and environmental considerations. The reliability and performance of these solutions make them indispensable for enhancing audio experiences in commercial settings, ultimately contributing to the success and satisfaction of clients and their audiences.