Mass Communications Systems

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Ideal systems for smart building communication, mass notification, situation awareness and life safety

Sound Masking

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Comprehensive array of solutions including signal generators, speakers, surface transducers and self contained systems for any installation where sound masking or speech privacy is critical or white noise is requested

Intercom Systems

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Selection of intercom stations and handsets for paging, fire, outpost, corrections and safety systems

Packaged Systems

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Uniquely packaged systems for business music and paging, as well as portable indoor/outdoor PA (public address) systems for temporary medical and testing facilities.

Security Integrations

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Integration with fire, security, access control, and other safety systems can ensure emergency preparedness plans are executed by triggering a variety of automated communications.

Distributed Audio & Background Music

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Typical daily communications such as morning and afternoon announcements, safety drills, bell schedules, VoIP paging, and All Calls can become more effective and efficient.