BlueBridge® Designer software is an incredible software package that allows system designers the ability to construct system designs of all sizes that utilize BlueBridge® DSP devices and other audio components into comprehensive system designs.

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Minimum Computer Requirments

  • Windows PC with 2GHz or higher processor
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 500MB of free storage space
  • 16 bit color graphic
  • Network (Ethernet) interface

Get the iOS App

BlueBridge® Control

Audio Control Application enables your iOS device to have full system control.

BlueBridge® Software

Get the latest BlueBridge® Designer and BluePanel Software Releases

BlueBridge Designer II 4.0.0 for Windows

BlueBridge Designer II 4.0.0 MacOS

BlueBridge Control 4.0.0 for Windows

BlueBridge Control 4.0.0 for MacOS

BlueBridge® Firmware

Get the latest BlueBridge® Firmware Releases for All Devices

BB-SM1 Firmware

BlueBridge Wall Plate Firmware Version 5.3.4

BlueBridge Firmware v5.4.1 (TSD Units).zip

BlueBridge Firmware v5.4.1 (TSD Units)

BlueBridge BB-168AECDT Firmware

BlueBridge BB-168AECDT Firmware v5.4.1

BlueBridge EB1616DT Firmware

BlueBridge EB1616DT Firmware v5.4.1

BlueBridge Touch Firmware

BlueBridge Touch Firmware 5_5_0

BlueBridge Firmware v5.4.2 (Non-TSD Models)

BlueBridge Touch Firmware 5.6.4

BlueBridge® Design Templates

These design templates are a great starting point for a variety of installations where a BlueBridge® device is used. Click on the image to download the zip file.

TSD-BB22 2-Zone Masking Design

TSD-BB22 2x2 Multi-Use Design

TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager W-Input Processing Design

TSD-BB22 Loudspeaker Manager Design

TSD-BB44 4x4 Multi-Use Design

TSD-BB44 Gym Design

BB-88 Multi-Function Design

BB-88 Virtual Mixer with BluePanel Design

BB-88DT Multi-Function Design

BB-168 Multi-Function Design

BB-168DT 4 Zone Room Combine with Multi Source, Zones, and Dante

BB-1616 Multi-Function Design

BlueBridge® Documentation

Download these reference guides for further assistance in learning how to get the most out of your BlueBridge® device.


Quick Start Reference Guide


Project Reference Guide


Networking Reference Guide


Dante Reference Guide


Preset Reference Guide


Control Page Reference Guide


Wall Control Reference Guide


Tips and Tricks Reference Guide


BlueBridge Designer II User Guide

BlueBridge® Downloads

Third party integration information for interfacing BlueBridge® devices with other control devices.


BB Wall Controller Label Template

Crestron Direct Network Control

Crestron Control Module BB-SM1 Button

Crestron Control Module BB-SM1 Fader

BlueBridge® Software/Firmware Archive

Older Versions of BlueBridge® Software and Firmware

Old Version BlueBridge Designer 5.4.1

BlueBridge 88-1616 Firmware

BlueBridge 88-1616 Firmware 5.4.1

Old Version BlueBridge Designer II v2.0 All Versions

Old Version

BlueBridge BluePanel v5.4.1 (Deprecated)


BlueBridge Designer II 2.0.1 Mac

BlueBridge Control 2.0.1 for Windows

BlueBridge Control 2.0.1 for Mac

BlueBridge EB-1616DT Firmware v5.3.9


BlueBridge Designer II 2.0.1 for Windows