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General Design Assistance
General Design Assistance
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Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 6:00PM ET
Transportation Project Design Assistance
Transportation Project Design Assistance
Telephone: (502) 267-7436
Support Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 5:00PM ET
Note: Your project is important to us, and our design team will do everything they can to complete your design assistance request within 7-10 business days. Providing complete and accurate data up front including drawings will reduce delays and allow your request to be completed as quickly as possible.

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Sound Masking Design Request
Sound Masking
Distributed Audio Design Request
Distributed Audio / BGM / Public Address
Mass Communications Design Request
Mass Communications
(GLOBALCOM, InformaCast, IPX)
What You Need To Know!
Welcome to AtlasIED’s Design Services. This team’s sole function is to assist you with your audio and communication system design using AtlasIED’s innovative products, and ensuring that you receive a complete and comprehensive experience. We continue to improve our processes so that you are receiving your design in a timely manner, which we know is always a top priority. Here is our easy 4 step approach to AtlasIED Design Services.
Step One - Prepare your information:
The engineers at AtlasIED’s Design Services Team need clear and concise information in order to provide you with a responsive design assistance package. That means the responsibility is yours to ensure all necessary information is provided in your initial submission which includes the following:
  • Scaled drawings (in .DWG, or .PDF format) of the specific areas that require audio. Reflected ceiling and furniture plan drawings are the best.
  • Ceiling types and heights in each area (floor to finished ceiling).
  • For sound masking, plenum heights in each area (finished ceiling to upper deck).
  • Ceiling materials (drywall, acoustic tiles, structural beams, special finishes, etc.).
  • For paging and pro audio planned functional use of specific areas within the project (example: What areas will require paging to background music).
  • Know basic information like, how many zones, estimated source inputs, VoIP phones / microphone needs for paging, and BGM sources.
Step Two - Submit your Design Request:
We ask that all design requests be entered via our website. Scroll up to the top of this page and choose which type of design you need, [SOUND MASKING] or [PRO AUDIO / GLOBALCOM.IP / IPX].
  • Supply the information for our specific questions. Remember, better information means a quicker turnaround of a more comprehensive design.
  • Attached your scaled drawings (.DWG or .PDF format, reflected ceiling / furniture plans are best.
  • The email address entered will receive an automated message with your case #. Please reference this case # throughout the design process. It is also important to only reply to the initial automated case # email chain, this will keep correspondences organized and specific to your design request and keep you in touch with the designer assigned to your case.
NOTE: You may be requested to submit additional information or answer specific questions by the Design Services team. Please make every effort to respond quickly in order to keep your slot in the queue.
Step Three: Receive your Design Package:
Our engineers will make all efforts to supply a complete package in a timely manner to include the following:
  • Floor planes with speaker placement by type.
  • Functional One-Line Drawing showing a block diagram level of signal flow
  • Material equipment list.
Note: Review your package AtlasIED’s deliverable is intended to be an aid to the final system designer or decision maker. It is used as a tool for establishing the parameters of a system design. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the drawings, bill of materials, equipment counts and line drawings, but final review shall be the responsibility of the requester.
Step Four - Let us know how the project turned out!
We send an email out the 1st week of each month to Cases that have been resolved over 60 days. Please reply to this email letting us know whether you have WON, LOST, or the project is still PENDING. This will help us allocate our resources better and improve our delivery times. If we do not hear back, you will see a 2nd Request reminder later in the month. Moving forward, it will be required for all customers using our no cost design assistance to reply to these emails or face a lower priority for future requests.