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The Ritz-Carlton Xi’an ChinaInstallation Spotlight
More than 300 AtlasIED speakers set a tone of luxury and elegance for new Ritz-Carlton® hotel in Xi’an China

The Ritz-Carlton® chain of high-end hotels upholds a reputation of exceptional customer service for guests seeking the finest in luxury accommodations. It’s been a gold-standard since the franchise was formed in 1940s, and that legacy lives on as the hotel continues to raise the bar with exceptional amenities and customer service. Through the adoption of fresh and innovative decorating schemes, designs, systems, and technologies, the Ritz-Carlton® retains its position as a leading purveyor of comfortable yet elegant lodging.

Among other features, music contributes to this relaxed, refined atmosphere that guests recall when it’s time to book a getaway. Epitomizing the importance of music to the hotel’s signature style is one of the latest additions to the Ritz-Carlton® hospitality empire, the Ritz-Carlton® Xi’an in the high-tech district of Xi’an Shaanxi Province in China.

From Blueprints to Ballrooms

Ritz Carlton CeilingAs blueprints unfolded for this 87,900- square-meter property, hotel developers contacted local AV distributor and integrator Litron for its recommendation of a high-fidelity audio system that could distribute music evenly throughout the lobby, meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, and other areas with minimal impact on the architecture or interior design.

After researching its options, Litron suggested AtlasIED as the primary provider of the necessary audio components for the elite project. The installation would include a Dante-based audio distribution network feeding a carefully curated playlist of music to an assortment of more than 300 strategically placed AtlasIED loudspeakers.

Reaching New Global Markets

“As a distributor for many international brands in China, we are always on the lookout for solutions for high-end projects such as this,” says Zhe Meng, Litron Founder and Vice President. “We found the wide range of high-fidelity speakers, along with controllers and amplifiers from AtlasIED to be ideally suited for a project of this caliber.”

“We’re really fortunate to have Litron as our partner in China to develop and promote AtlasIED from the ground up in the Chinese market,” remarks Alex Lu, Managing Director of Mitek Asia Pacific. “Litron has been traditionally a strong video company. Now by partnering with AtlasIED, they are expanding their presence as a strong distributor and integrator of audio solutions, as well.”

From AtlasIED’s extensive product portfolio, Litron was able to pick and choose the most appropriate speaker model for each area of the hotel—lobby, ballrooms, conference rooms, outdoor recreation spaces, restaurants and cocktail lounges, and other areas. The opportunity to procure all of the necessary audio products from a single manufacturer allowed Litron to streamline the entire process, remarks Meng. “Rather than having to purchase different products from different manufacturers, we were able to work with one source—AtlasIED, minimizing time, effort, hassle, and ensuring seamless integration for top-notch performance.

Networked Audio Opens the Door to Expansion

Despite the variety of speaker designs, they function as one unified system thanks to the inclusion of a Dante-based network. “As an iconic hotel brand, the Ritz-Carlton® needs to ensure standardization across the board, where every speaker, no matter where it’s located, plays the same music,” Meng explains. “The Atlas IED Dante DSPs enable this important feature while still providing hotel staff the ease and flexibility to cater to guests’ requests; for example, to hear a birthday song during a celebration in the hotel restaurant.”

The availability of music and simplicity of control adds up to happy customers. “We have received many positive comments from guests, as well as fellow integrators about this project,” adds Jason Cai, Regional Business Development Manager of Atlas Sound Asia Pacific Marketed Ltd. “With the success of this installation under our belt, we will be able to develop partnerships with other notable hotels in the area.”

The consistency of control and scalability of AtlasIED’s Dante-enabled audio system bodes well for the Ritz-Carlton® in other ways. New speakers and controllers can be easily added to the network to maintain an even flow of music should the hotel expand or the needs of its guests change.

Ritz Carlton Ceiling Speakers
“We found the wide range of high-fidelity speakers, along with controllers and amplifiers from AtlasIED to be ideally suited for a project of this caliber.”
Litron Founder and Vice President