IPX Series Products

IP-to-Analog Gateways

AtlasIED IP-to-analog gateways are perfect for connecting your unified communication platform to off network analog third party systems.

Easily Connect Analog Audio Devices to a Network Infrastructure

AtlasIED IP-to-Analog gateways are perfect for connecting and controlling analog devices to a network system.

PoE+ IP Addressable IP-to-Analog Gateway with Integrated Amplifier

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Single PoE+ IP Addressable IP-to-Analog Gateway with Integrated Amplifier and Rack Mount Kit

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Dual PoE+ IP Addressable IP-to-Analog Gateways with Integrated Amplifier and Rack Mount Kit

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IP-1522LR 2 Logic Input x 2 Relay Output IO Device

Top Features and Benefits
IP-to-Analog Gateways - Features and Benefits
Easy Installation
  • Requires Only One Network Cable
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE+)
  • Can Be Powered by Power Supply When PoE+ is Not Available
  • Simple Mounting

Plug and Play
  • Auto Registers with 3rd Party Applications

Onboard Amplifier
  • Class D Amp Technology
  • Ultra-Energy Efficient
  • Designed for Long-Term Reliability
  • Powers 70V and 8Ω Loudspeakers for a Remote Loudspeaker

Accurate and
  • Engineered for Excellent Speech Intelligibility
  • Optimized for Crystal Clear Talkback

Local Input / Output
and Control Ports
  • Input a Local Mic and Level Source
  • Output Audio to External Devices
  • Trigger Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Trigger Critical Alerts from a Local Push Button or From an AtlasIED Learning System

Interoperable with
Multiple Media Stream
  • Supports VoIP G.711 Codec
  • Supports VoIP G.722 Codec
Effectively Communicate to Any Analog Audio System
AtlasIED IP-to-Analog gateways leverage the VoIP Communication solution to extend enhanced audio for those environments where both "On and Off" network-wide communication delivery solutions are needed for connectivity into any analog audio systems, analog legacy Public address system, or analog audio endpoint(s), providing true enterprise-wide alert and general notifications across any organization.
Compliant with AtlasIED, Singlewire, and Syn-App Notification Applications
AtlasIED displays and IP-to-analog gateways register as a communication endpoint directly within Singlewire's InformaCast, Syn-App's SA-Announce and Revolution, and AtlasIED's GCK Notification applications, supporting audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded & scheduled announcements, and intercoms all while leveraging the WAN/LAN Network Architecture.
Ideal for Critical Alerts
Have confidence your communication system will respond effectively during the actual occurrence of disasters, emergencies, and crisis. An AtlasIED IP solution gets the message out clearly and intelligibly so everyone hears and understands.
First Emergency Responder Interaction
Quick, easy and secure first emergency responder interface available when it is appropriate for local law enforcement officials to launch code driven alerts or provide detailed instructions in specific areas of what action to take should an incident arise.
Off Premise Notifications
AtlasIED IP based system provides off-premise notifications. You can contact individuals and provide information when not physically on-site. This is an important capability when a critical event happens and an off-site person needs to respond.
Collaboration Partner
Crisis plans may change based on observations made during drills. It is becoming common to request or require third party systems to play a role in emergency events, while operating without human interaction. For example: In the event that an intruder or unauthorized person is identified, an alert can be sent over the AtlasIED notification system indicating the entire building is going into lock-down mode. Personal will be instructed to follow specific procedures while the AtlasIED system triggers the access control system and closes all outside perimeter doors automatically.
Perfect for Any Market
AtlasIED IP speakers are the optimum solution for any business requiring public address, mass notification, and critical alerts / public address needs exist, AtlasIED IP speakers are the optimum solution.