Comprehensive selection of loudspeakers for a variety of applications and installation requirements.

Professional-grade solutions for commercial environments

SHS Series

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Strategically Hidden Speakers are designed to minimize aesthetic impact with only a small visible footprint and through our optional DesignLab™ customization process


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Full selection of ceiling speakers for sound reinforcement, music, paging & signaling

Surface Mount

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Extensive selection of surface, pendent, tripod and landscape speakers

Pendent Mount Speakers

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Wide selection of pendent mount speakers in 4" and 8" models, black and white.

IP Speakers

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IPX Series: The Next Generation IP Enabled Speaker Solutions

Sound Masking Speakers

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Wide selection of speakers for sound masking applications


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A wide selection of passive and powered subwoofers for multiple applications.

Line Columns & Arrays

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Predictable, even coverage for speech and foreground music. Line array speakers for every size venue and every show

Speaker Components

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Additional speaker components for your systems.

Portable Speakers

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Selection of portable powered and non-powered portable speakers in 12" and 15" woofer sizes

Specialty Speakers

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Speakers for unique installation locations.

Life Safety

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Life Safety calls for unique, dependable solutions - find them here

As a distinguished leader in the Audio Video industry, AtlasIED delivers a comprehensive range of commercial speaker systems renowned for their exceptional audio experiences. Our solutions are tailored to various applications, ensuring top-quality performance in commercial sound systems.

When choosing a speaker system for businesses, careful consideration is essential. AtlasIED simplifies the selection process by offering a diverse range of commercial sound systems, including options for sound masking, in-ceiling installations, IP speakers, subwoofers, and portable solutions. Our extensive product line caters to the specific needs of industries such as retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

Experience unparalleled audio performance with meticulously engineered speaker systems designed to create immersive and captivating environments for businesses. Whether requiring surface mount speakers, in-ceiling installations, or a complete commercial PA system, AtlasIED provides tailored solutions to meet sound system needs.

Privacy and safety are critical concerns in professional settings. AtlasIED specializes in sound masking solutions, ensuring confidential environments in healthcare facilities, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Safety is paramount, and our commercial sound systems incorporate advanced features such as voice evacuation systems. These systems deliver clear and audible notifications during emergencies, prioritizing the well-being and security of individuals within premises.

As a trusted provider of speaker systems for business, AtlasIED offers comprehensive solutions to meet the unique requirements of various industries. Our speaker systems are suitable for industrial applications, retail stores, educational facilities, conference rooms, and more, delivering exceptional audio quality and performance.

Choose AtlasIED as your partner in the Audio Video industry to access premium commercial speaker systems that elevate business audio experiences. With expertise and a range of solutions, our commitment is to provide optimized sound systems for industrial and commercial needs.