Professional-grade solutions for commercial environments
Multi, dual and single channel solutions with options such as onboard DSP, mixer, network capability, ambient noise analysis, and redundancy.
Power Amplifiers
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Single channel and multichannel, low impedance and constant voltage power amplifiers

Onboard DSP Power Amplifiers
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Multi-channel amplifiers with integrated DSP and network control

Modular Power Amplifiers
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Modular and Scalable Amplifiers with Mixing Capabilities

Mixer Amplifiers
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Feature-rich, high quality mixer amplifiers

Mixer / Pre-Amplifiers
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Preamplifiers, mixers and signal control to complement AtlasIED power amplifiers

Amplifier Accessories
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Complete Line of Power Amplifier Accessories

PoE Amplifiers
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PoE Powered Amplifiers for Use with Software Applications

Legacy Amplifiers
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These are skus are no longer available. Contact us for replacement product or parts availability.