High quality, surface mount loudspeakers in multiple configurations for a variety of surface mount applications.

SM Series All-Weather Loudspeakers
Picture for category SM Series All-Weather Loudspeakers

Wide selection of all-weather, surface mount loudspeakers avaiable in 4", 5 1/4" and 8" versions; black and white

Compact Coaxial Loudspeakers
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Selection of surface mount loudspeaker products including all-weather, portable, pendant and beam mount, landscape and vandal proof speakers, parts and accessories

Portable Loudspeakers
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Selection of portable powered and non-powered portable loudspeakers in 12" and 15" woofer sizes

Pendant Mount Loudspeakers
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Wide selection of pendant mount loudspeakers in 4" and 8" models, black and white.

Beam Mount
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Atlas beam mount loudspeakers

Vandal Resistant
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Vandal proof surface mount loudspeakers

Landscape Loudspeakers
Picture for category Landscape Loudspeakers

Selection of high performance outdoor landscape speakers

Wood Baffle Enclosures
Picture for category Wood Baffle Enclosures

Other surface mount loudspeakers, pre-assembled loudspeaker and transformer mounted in a wood grain surface mount enclosure