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To ensure you have the best experience with the latest features and optimizations, please take a few moments to update the AZM firmware prior to installation.
For questions regarding Atmosphere or any other AtlasIED products, please visit our Company Contacts page or call +1 (800) 876-3333

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Atmosphere Platform Firmware Release Notes (2 pages)
Atmosphere 2.0 Firmware V2.0.13.179
Atmosphere 2.1 Firmware V2.1.3.184
Atmosphere 2.5 Firmware V2.5.5.201
Atmosphere 2.6 Firmware V2.6.2.219
Atmosphere 2.7 Firmware V2.7.2.3152
Atmosphere 2.8 Firmware V2.8.3.3564
Atmosphere 3.0 Firmware AZM-v3.0.4.4503
Atmosphere 3.0 Firmware AZMP-v3.0.4.4502
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