IPX Series Products

IPX Visual Displays

IP based visual displays support ADA compliance and assist communications in large spaces and areas with high ambient noise.

Add Visual Notifications to Your IP and/or VoIP System
Our IP based and ADA compliant displays extend notifications with
effective visual text alerts for high ambient noise or large spaces.
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PoE+ Compliant IP Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with Speakers and LED Flasher


PoE+ IP Compliant IP Dual Sided LCD Endpoint with LED Flasher


PoE+ Indoor Wall Mount LCD Endpoint with Talkback Microphone


PoE+ Indoor Wall Mount LCD Endpoint with Talkback Microphone and LED Flasher


PoE+ Indoor Wall Mount LED Flasher


Flush Mount Enclosure for IP-DM and IP-DMF


Surface Mount Enclosure for IP-DM and IP-DMF

Top Features and Benefits
IP Visual Displays - Features and Benefits
Easy Installation
  • Requires Only One Network Cable
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE+)
  • Can Be Powered by Power Supply When PoE+ is Not Available
  • Simple Mounting

Plug and Play
  • Auto Registers with 3rd Party Applications

ADA Compliant
  • Meets Requirements for Visual Critical Alerts
  • Visually Reinforce the Audio Communication System

  • Time
  • Weather
  • Visual Messages
  • Emergency Messages

Onboard Amplifier
  • Amplifier has a PFMS Port to Power More Speakers
  • Class D Amp Technology
  • Ultra-Energy Efficient

Local Input / Output
and Control Ports
  • Input a Local Audio Source such as Music
  • Output Audio to External Devices
  • Trigger Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Trigger Critical Alerts from a Local Push Button
Compliant with AtlasIED, Singlewire, and Syn-App Notification Applications
AtlasIED displays and IP-to-analog gateways register as a communication endpoint directly within Singlewire's InformaCast, Syn-App's SA-Announce and Revolution, and AtlasIED's GCK Notification applications, supporting audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded & scheduled announcements, and intercoms all while leveraging the WAN/LAN Network Architecture.