Upload New Media to the Content Library

Follow These Steps to Upload New Media to the Content Library.

  • Right-click in the Content Library window.  Select the type of content to add: Media (files), Url (web pages), Template (opens the Template Designer), Video Stream (streaming video URL), or TV Feed (live TV – PC Player only).

GDS4W upload new media content to the library

  • The Upload Media dialog box will open.  Click SELECT FILES to choose the content to upload.

GDS4W Upload media

  • Select the file or files to upload.  Navigate to the folder containing the content and click on a single file, use Ctrl-A to select every file in the folder, or use Ctrl-Left-Click to select specific individual files.  Click Open when done.

GDS4W media selection window

  • The selected file (or files) will appear in the Upload Media window.

GDS4W selected media window


  • Click the UPLOAD button to start the file transfer process.

GDS4W upload files


  • Track the file transfer progress as each file is uploaded.

GDS4W upload progress


  • Once all files are uploaded, the window will close and the new content will appear in the Content Library.

GDS4W Content preview

  • The Media Properties can be configured or use the content as-is by dragging it into a playlist.