Advanced Player Publishing Options

By default, clicking the Publish button immediately triggers the following steps:

  • All required content and player instructions are “packaged” and sent to each selected player.
  • Only new and modified content is sent.  Content already stored on each player is not sent again.  This is to preserve bandwidth.
  • Once the players have received their update, the currently running playlist resets itself and jumps back to its beginning.

The following options can be selected:

  • Users can select the “No Media Interruption” option so the currently running playlist will continue as if nothing happened.  The playlist will not immediately loop back to the beginning when the player receives its update.  Instead the playlist will continue play until the end and will only display any changes once it loops back to its beginning.


  • Users can defer the publication to a future date and time.  To create a deferred publication, users click the ASAP pull-down menu and select the “Deferred” option.


  • This unlocks the date and time fields so users can select the date and time at which the content and instructions should be deployed.


IMPORTANT: The deferred option will remain in effect until the date and time of the event, or until someone publishes another update to the same player(s).  Let’s say you decide to defer publication until tomorrow at midnight.  You proceed as above and the event will happen as planned as long as no one sends an update between now and the scheduled deployment time.  If someone pushes an update to the same player(s), say an hour after your deferred update, the programmed event will no longer happen.  Keep this in mind when you chose the deferred update option.