How to Access the Monitoring Window

Clicking a player checkbox selects it so a user can confirm its status in the monitoring window.

Accessing the Player Monitoring Window

To access monitoring data, click the player’s checkbox and then click the Monitoring button above the player list.


From this window the player’s monitoring information can be accessed to determine it’s current state, access any recorded alerts of events, or even publish content.

The Monitoring Table


The table is organized in the following columns:

Group: Shows the selected player’s group(s).

Player: Shows the name of the selected player(s).


Date: Shows the date of the last player update sent.

Published By: Shows the name of the user who sent the last update.

Status: If the update was sent by a user, status will read “Done” when the player has received its update.  If the update was automatically generated by a GDS-4W Server, the next scheduled update date and time will be shown.  In either case, a progress bar will be shown while the update is actively being sent to the Player.

Player is showing offline with the Last heartbeat shown in the status clients on the SaaS –  the  timezone is referencing UTC Timezone.


Player: Shows the status indicator color (blue, yellow, red), the number of recorded alerts since last reset, the name of the currently playing playlist, and the Player software version installed.

Display: When the Player software is equipped with the RS-232 add-on PLUS the PC and display equipped with a RS-232 port, this section will show the display’s status indicator (blue, yellow and red) followed by a status message.

Creating and Managing Monitoring Queries

Queries can be created to assist users with monitoring the status of large numbers of players.  The idea behind queries is to let users enter and save specific search parameters so they can be called up by selecting the query by name in a pull down menu.

Creating a New Query

Click the grey button located on the left of the CLEAR ALERT button.


  • Click Create Query to add a new query to the list.  A new window will appear.
  • Enter a descriptive name for the new query.  In this example, a query was created that filters the results so only players with a red status will appear in the list.
  • Next, select Red as the Player Status.


  • Click OK to save the new query.
  • The new query will now appear when the pull-down field is clicked.


  • Result… no players currently showing a red status.  Monitoring window is empty.



  • Select “None“ to disable filters.

Query Options

Period: Select from the list to filter results by time period.

Status:  Select from still downloading content or download complete.

Player Status: Select from player currently running, showing a blue, yellow, or red status.

Screen Status: Select from screen active or inactive.

Software Version: Select from current version or previous version.