Advertising Playlist – Description

In order to be efficient, advertising content must be inserted into regular, daily programming that consists mostly of informational or infotainment content.  GDS-4W 2.0’s advertising playlists are meant to receive ads (videos, images, etc…) and inject them into your daily programming according to your rules.

Advertising content is merged with any other scheduled playlist automatically, saving time and effort.  You set the target number of ad impressions and the software inserts the ads at equal intervals over the course of the day.

You control the number of ads that will play in succession via the “Burst” setting.  For example, a burst value of 3 means 3 ads will play in a row, preceded and followed by regular content from merged playlists.

The GDS4W 2.0 advertising algorithm calculates how to merge the content of all overlapped playlists to deliver the desired number of target impressions.  Advertising content is inserted equally throughout the day to ensure the right mix of ad to informational content.

Advertising playlists appear in the Scheduling grid as a time slot running along the bottom of each scheduled day.