The Scheduling Grid

The Scheduling grid is where users organize playlists into time slots so their content can play on their displays.

IMPORTANT: Scheduled playlists cannot be used in a template zone and a playlist assigned to a template zone cannot be scheduled.  If you see an error when attempting to schedule a playlist, it means it’s used in one or more templates.

  • The colored bands you see above are individual time slots.
  • Time slots can be organized sequentially and multiple time slots can overlap.
  • A maximum of 10 time slots can be overlapped on any day.
  • Time slots are created when we drag over playlists from the upper pane of the Playlist window.
  • The thin red line represents the current time.
  • The current day is shaded gray.
  • The Scheduling grid is based on a 7 day calendar.
  • Users can navigate forwards and backwards using the week, month and year fields above the grid.
  • To return, click the “Current Week” button.