How to Install GDS4W Player on Windows® (SaaS and Self Hosted)

Launch a web browser (from the Player PC) and type in the IP address or DNS of the GDS-4W Server. The GDS-4W Manager login page should come up.
Type in the user login name and password then click Connection.

Note for self hosted users : Once logged in, retrieve the Player license serial number by double clicking on the Player’s name and go to License information panel. Highlight the entire serial number and copy it to the Windows Clipboard using Ctrl+C. Paste it when prompted by the Player installer.


Click Cancel to close this window and continue.
Select Menu > Player Management> Download GDS-4W Player > Windows PC

Download and run the installer on the PC when prompted. Save the file to the hard drive.
Locate the installer file on the hard drive.

Launch the installer.
Once the installer is launched a window will appear, click Next.

Next will be the End User License Agreement (EULA). It can be printed for records. The EULA must be acknowledge at this window and click Next before proceeding.

Once the installation has completed, the user will be prompted to enter their license information to activate the software.

Self hosted users:
Enter the GDS-4W Server’s URL in the top field.

Enter the Player’s serial number in the second field. This is ther activation key.

**NOTE: The “space, dash, space” between each set of 5 characters must be typed in exactly as it appears in your confirmation email.**

Switch the “Configure connection through proxy” setting to “Yes” and fill the fields if proxy information is required.

Upon successful completion of the software activation, click Finish.