Atmosphere™ 4-Zone Audio Processor

MSRP (USD): $1,311.99
  • Onboard DSP
  • Web Browser Control
  • Message Player
  • Bell Scheduler
  • Room Combine
  • Tilter Filter
  • Ambient Noise

    The Atmosphere AZM4 is a 4-zone audio processor and the heart of an Atmosphere audio control system.  Powerful DSP combined with innovative algorithms offer custom solutions for a wide variety of spaces.  A built-in message player, virtual wall controllers, learning ambient noise sensing, Tilter Filter™, auto-gain, GPIO, bell scheduler, room combine, and many more features, make the AZM a processing powerhouse for automated audio system control.

    The AZM4 is compatible with all six of the Atmosphere accessories for control, remote audio input, and ambient noise sensing.  Up to 16 of these plug-and-play Accessories can be connected across 2 accessory ports on the AZM4, with each port designed to work reliably up to 1000ft.

    Programming is made simple through a modern on-board web interface, optimized around common use-cases. Built around Progressive Web App technology, the control interface is device agnostic, responsive, and meticulously designed for an ideal user experience without sacrificing design freedom.  In addition to Ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi allows for tablets and other controlling devices to connect directly to the AZM4.

    Control modules available for Crestron, Extron, and AMX.

    • 2 accessory ports that support up to 16 controllers & sensors, and 2 audio wall plates (1 per port)
    • App-less virtual wall controller access via QR code or distributed URL
    • Bell Scheduler
    • Message player
    • Room combine and groups
    • Mono, stereo, and subwoofer support
    • Auto noise compensation
    • Loud Noise Detection
    • On board WIFI to use as an access point or connect to existing Wi-Fi network
    • Large library of AtlasIED speaker presets
    • Accessory self-heal
    • High Priority GPI input for integration with alarm system
    • Wide selection of audio DSP objects
    • Third Party Control

    Atmosphere Platform Firmware Release Notes
    AZM4 - AZM8 Data Sheet
    AZM4 Panel Drawing
    Atmosphere Quick Start Guide (4 pages)
    Atmosphere 2.8 Firmware V2.8.3.3564
    RTI Control Modules for AZM4/AZM8
    Extron Control Module for AZM4/AZM8
    Crestron Series 3-4 Control Module for AZM4/AZM8
    AMX Control Module for AZM4/AZM8
    AZM4/AZM8 3rd Party Control Instruction Manual (7 pages)
    Atmosphere User Manual (79 pages)

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