Atmosphere™ Zone, Source, and Volume Wall Controller

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  • Daisy Chainable
  • Plug & Play
  • Decora Wall Plate
  • High Priority Notification
  • Multi Zone Control
  • Pin Code Secure
  • Locate Function

    The Atmosphere C-ZSV controller is an intuitive wall controller for total control of an Atmosphere system. The C-ZSV enables control of multiple zones and groups for source selection and volume adjustments, as well as more advanced capabilities such as scenes recall, messages recall, routine recall, GPO control, and bell schedules.

    Zone control and other capabilities are completely customizable through a simple opt-in structure within the AZM user interface.

    Each Atmosphere accessory is a plug-and-play, intelligent device, specifically designed to be approachable and intuitive. The Atmosphere accessory bus allows for up to 8 devices to be connected to a single accessory port, reliably sending audio and data over 1000ft per port.

    • Color LCD screen with light/dark themes
    • Push button encoder for menu navigation, selection, and volume control
    • Customizable RGB LED ring for mute, level, and fader control
    • Access multiple zones for control of input source and volume
    • Software configurable pin code access lock
    • Control of groups and room combine
    • Scene recall, message recall, and routine recall
    • Sub mix control
    • Automatic creation of Virtual Wall Controller (VWC)
    • User selectable screen saver, including QR code for simple, touchless Virtual Wall Controller access
    • Locate LED function for easy identification

    User Manual
    Atmosphere User Manual
    CAD Drawing
    Atmosphere Acc Wall Plate Drawings
    Quick Start Guide
    Atmosphere Quick Start Guide
    Data Sheet
    AZM4 and AZM8 Data Sheet