AtlasIED provides schools with solutions that improve daily communications, critical alerts, and assist in achieving successful student outcomes.

AtlasIED provides schools with solutions that improve daily communications, critical alerts, and assist in achieving successful student outcomes.

How Our Systems Work

Inside the classroom, within a whole building, or throughout an entire campus, AtlasIED communication technologies create an effective, safe, and secure environment. Daily communications systems in the classroom become more capable, reliable, and effective with the ability to integrate with emergency and life safety used in schools.

Daily Communications Systems

Emergency and Life Safety Systems

  • Fire alarm
  • Security
  • Gunshot Detection
  • Access Control
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Emergency and Daily Communications

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Critical Communication Software

Solutions for Educational Institutions

Specialty and Outdoor Spaces Pop Up Button
Specialty and Outdoor Spaces Pop Up Button
× Football Stadium Press Box with FS Series Horns

Specialty and Outdoor Spaces

Solutions that can be used for multiple purposes. Analog audio systems typically used for background music, live events, and public address in multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, sports fields, and parking lots can be integrated as part of a unified communications ecosystem and can be leveraged during emergency and non-emergency situations.

  • Increase coverage of communications with a fully integrated system
  • Improve guest experiences
  • Ensure intelligibility in challenging acoustical environments
  • Create easy to operate systems that users feel comfortable
  • Withstand harsh weather in varied climates

Featured Products

WTSD Wall Mixers for Audio Control

WTSD Wall Mixers For Audio Input Control

ALA Line Array Speakers

ALA Line Arrays Multi-Purpose Array Speakers

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Voice Lift and Voice Amplification Pop Up Button
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Voice Lift/Voice Amplification

Sound reinforcement systems improve the education experience for more successful student outcomes. Voice lift systems use traditional audio components such as a microphone, amplifier, and speakers to amplify a teacher’s voice. These systems offer higher intelligibility and improve overall coverage so students can hear the instructor regardless of where they are seated.

  • Increase retention and comprehension for more successful learning
  • Improves student engagement, attention, and behavior
  • Reduce teacher fatigue and absenteeism
  • Assist in ADA compliance for the hearing impaired

Featured Products

Atlas Learn Classroom Audio

Atlas Learn Classroom Audio Systems

AlA2450 Classroom Mixer

AL2450 Classroom Mixer Amplifier

FAP63T Ceiling Speaker

FAP63T 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker

Life Safety and Emergency Communications Pop Up Button
Life Safety and Emergency Communications Pop Up Button
× Emergency Responders Outside Of A School

Emergency Communications

Integration with fire, security, access control, and other safety systems can ensure emergency preparedness plans are executed. Automation can trigger a variety of communications, providing calm and effective instructions during high stress situations.

  • Automate notifications to local authorities to reduce response times
  • Initiate lockdown protocols from anywhere with mobile panic buttons
  • Send SMS text, audio messages, email, and push notifications to mobile devices
  • Leverage existing PA system and infrastructure for reliable critical alert deployment to all environments

Featured Products

IP-SDMF Wall Speaker

IP-SDMF Wall Speaker/Clock/Mic/Flasher

IP-ZCM to Analog Gateway

IP-ZCM IP to Analog Gateway

IPX Family IP Endpoint Solutions

IPX Family Ip Endpoint Solutions

Daily Communications Pup Up Button
Daily Communications Pup Up Button
× IP Console with Gooseneck Speaker

Daily Communications

Typical daily communications such as morning and afternoon announcements, can become more effective and efficient with features like live and pre-recorded messages, color-coded visual notifications, handsfree 2-way talkback, and more.

  • Accommodate various daily schedules with pre-recorded and live notifications
  • Offer ADA compliance with visual and audible communications
  • Deliver messages to a specific zone or an entire campus
  • Communicate hands free with two-way talkback intercom systems

Featured Products

IP Console Communications Station

IP Console Communications Station

Informacast Mass Communication For Schools

InformaCast Mass Communications for Schools

IPX Endpoint Solutions

IPX Endpoint Solutions


AtlasIED understands the critical importance of clear and efficient communication in educational environments. We design intercom systems for schools to provide seamless connectivity, ensuring that administrators, teachers, and staff can stay connected effortlessly, fostering a secure and collaborative learning environment. Additionally, AtlasIED voice amplification, also known as voice lift, enhances comprehension and student success.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, AtlasIED voice lift and intercom systems offer crystal-clear audio quality, eliminating communication barriers and enhancing overall safety. These systems are designed to be user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy installation without disrupting the school's daily operations. With features such as instant group communication, emergency broadcast capabilities, and customizable channels to empower schools to respond swiftly to any situation. Invest in the future of educational communication with our reliable solutions that ensure every voice is heard for a more connected and secure learning environment.

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