Products and Systems for Specialized Markets


Successful businesses are leveraging business music and speech privacy as a medium to create an experience that attracts and retains customers.



Communications systems and audio technologies for government facilities including BAA and TAA compliant products.


Communications solutions and audio technologies designed for healthcare facilities.

Hospitality & Retail

Improve guest experiences with audio technologies that will have them coming back for more.

Mass Communications

Security & Life Safety

Sound Masking

AtlasIED offers a full array of sound masking solutions that can be deployed in any installation where speech privacy is critical.


Driving communications technology in airports, train stations, and mass transportation hubs across the US and around the world.

Tech for Safer Schools

Tech For Safer schools is where you can learn about how our systems can be applied to educational institutions.

Modern Office Acoustics

Modern Office Acoustics is where you can learn about how our systems can be applied to workplace environments.

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