IPX Gooseneck/Handset Mic Station


    The AtlasIED IP-CONSOLE-GH is a touchscreen, gooseneck-mic-equipped paging station with handset that is part of the IPX ecosystem. The IP-CONSOLE-GH allows calls to go directly to other IPX products when the system PBX is not working. This increases security for venues that rely on audible communication.

    With a smooth Android® 9.0 OS user interface, navigating the many premium features is simple for any end user. With both a handset and gooseneck mic options, making a venue-wide page or having a quiet conversation is possible with the IP-CONSOLE-GH.

    The feature-rich IP-CONSOLE-GH helps improve front-office efficiency, emergency response, and ease of configuration, all while being easy to use for the end user.

    • PoE Paging Station and Desktop Phone
    • InformaCast® by Singlewire® Integration and Compatibility
    • Standard SIP Capabilities
    • Compatible with other platforms (e.g. Astrisk®, Broadsoft®, Avaya®)
    • 112 One Touch Programmable DSS keys
    • Two-way Intercom, Monitoring, and Broadcasting
    • Web UI
    • Dual Gigabit Ports, Integrated PoE
    • Video Codec H.264 support for receiving video calls

    IP-CONSOLE-GH Data Sheet (5 pages) 605 KB
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