Communications solutions and audio technologies designed for healthcare facilities.

Unified Communications for Health Care Environments

An AtlasIED communication platform is the chosen foundation for efficient, safe, and secure communications across an entire healthcare facility. Leveraging your existing or future network infrastructure, it provides one integrated solution for daily communications while also supporting your emergency preparedness plans.

What is Unified Communications?

How does it benefit my medical facility?

It is defined as IP-based communication devices being able to send, receive, and share information between devices across a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across an entire medical facility, devices and media-types.

The benefit is one seamless solution that integrates into your existing and future data network, VoIP, or phone infrastructure. No requirements to maintain a separate cable infrastructure, and allow the ability to communicate from one medium to several other mediums and guarantee an effective communication solution.
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Effective Communication Systems

Improved HCAHPS Scores & Protect Revenues

It has always been a moral imperative for hospitals and health systems to provide a high-quality patient experience, but now that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is tying reimbursements to HCAHPS scores, it's becoming a financial priority, as well.

Through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey, patients rate their inpatient stay in 27 categories, ranging from communication with doctors and nurses to pain management to facility cleanliness and quietness. Based in part on these scores, hospitals can either lose or gain up to 1.5% of their Medicare payments in fiscal year 2015. CMS will up the ante over the next few years, with 2% of reimbursement dollars ultimately being at risk by fiscal year 2017.

With a growing amount of revenue at stake, hospital leaders are looking for strategies to improve the patient experience and boost their HCAHPS scores.

Improved Daily Communications

Effective daily communication is the key to medical facilities success. AtlasIED provides an audio solution that integrates all these technologies:

Smart automation icon
Live announcements icon
Pre-recorded announcements
Advanced tone scheduling
Presentation solutions
Talkback intercom
ADA compliant visual displays
Ambient noise analysis

It guarantees you the ability to effectively communicate with individuals or groups at the right time. Leading to quick responses and patient satisfaction.

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With AtlasIED, you easily upgrade to a network-based system with BETTER day-to-day communication without ANY device limitations.

Our solution can be controlled from:

Desktop computer
Laptop and tablet
VoIP phones
Paging stations

It can integrate and communicate with existing:

Network infrastructure
Nurse call system
VoIP phone system
Analog public address system
Access control and security systems
Fire alarm systems
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Make Sure Your System Meets Intelligibility Standards

With new regulations coming, it is critically important that your voice communication system is 100% intelligible, repeatable and can confirm announcments were sent.

An AtlasIED system exceed these standards by:

  • Pre-assembled, highly-intelligible announcements.
  • Automation for multiple announcements to be sent simultaneously into separate zones.
  • Environment noise analysis that adjusts the sound level based upon environment noise and ensure the level is high enough to be heard without being annoying too loud.
  • System supervision that monitors the systems integrity and reports any faults.
  • Announcement logging to confirm messages were sent.
Speech privacy confidentiality
HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability Accountability Act) regulations require medical professionals to safeguard medical and confidential records by all reasonable means. This includes verbal communication being overheard.

Whether it’s in the open waiting room, through the walls, or via a telephone conversation, the human voice travels. And what has become ordinary and routine to medical staff is very private and personal to your patients. They expect professionalism, which includes safeguarding their medical histories in every way possible.

Our Speech Privacy Systems can help your company become compliant<

Do you know about new HIPAA regulations?

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Emergency Preparedness Plan

Healthcare facilties live in a world of unknowns with critical events and emergency scenarios happening daily. Your staff can do their best to be prepared with numerous practice drills. When seconds count, all the preparation can not verify the human responders can achieve their task when critical events happen.

Be Prepared with an AtlasIED Smart Automation Solution
Automated Alert Triggers

System triggers and response diagram

Our system provides ‘Smart’ override capability. This allows an on-site or off-site emergency responder to take control of the system and broadcast live announcements

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Ensures the right people are automatically notified for quick and efficient response

Head of operations
Emergency responder
Security personnel
Medical staff and personnel

Our Industry Leading Product Solutions

With over 2,000 unique product solutions, AtlasIED provides you a one source provider for all your audio communication needs.

Over 2000 Products

Emergency evacuation
Patient privacy systems
ADA compliant visual systems
Presentation and lecture systems
Parking garage and outdoor
Cafeteria systems
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Map of United States showing where AtlasIED has installed healthcare systems

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Here are some system examples:

Hospital paging systems with background music
Hospital Paging
System with
BGM Capability
Hospital paging systems with VoIP notifications
Hospital Paging and Notification
System with VoIP
and Nurse Call Integration
Hospital server with nurse call and fire alarm integrations
Hospital Server Based System
with VoIP, Nurse Call
and Fire Alarm Integration
Hospital and healthcare environments
Hospital and Healthcare Environments using GLOBALCOM
Informacast Hospital and healthcare environments
Healthcare Application using Singlewire® Informacast

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IT Manager

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