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Driving communications technology in airports, train stations, and mass transportation hubs across the US and around the world.

Unified Communications for Mass Transportation Environments

An AtlasIED communication platform is the chosen foundation for efficient, safe, and secure communications across an entire mass transportation facility. Leveraging your existing or future network infrastructure, it provides one integrated solution for daily communications while also supporting your emergency preparedness plans.

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What is Unified Communications?

How does it benefit my airport facility?

Unified communications is defined as IP-based communication devices being able to send, receive, and share information between devices across a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). It provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple campus, devices and media-types.

The benefit is one seamless solution that integrates into your existing and future data network, VoIP, or phone infrastructure. No requirements to maintain a separate cable infrastructure, and allow the ability to communicate from one medium to several other mediums to guarantee an effective communication solution.

Effective Communication Systems

Increase passenger throughput
while improving their airport experience

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Research shows a well-designed airport communication system can automatically assist passengers to navigate around the airport 20% faster without human intervention. This allows extra time to dine and shop.

When overall passenger and non-passenger satisfaction levels rise, non-aeronautical revenue grows as well. When passengers are informed and aware, they are more likely to buy and spend more on an average. They are twice as likely to impulse shop and spend 7% more on retail and 20% more on duty-free.

Passengers want a greater sense of improved atmosphere. For instance, you can leverage your communication system to visually broadcast messages informing passengers about retail and dining choices. This will attract more retail traffic, increase your revenues, and create a better overall passenger experience.

Improved Daily Communications

Effective daily communication is the key to an airport's success.
AtlasIED provides an audio solution that integrates all these technologies:

It guarantees you the ability to communicate with individuals or groups
at the right time. Leading to quick responses and passenger satisfaction.

With AtlasIED, you easily upgrade to a network-based system with BETTER day-to-day communication without ANY device limitations.

Our solution can be controlled from:

It can integrate and communicate with existing:

Make Sure Your System Meets Intelligibility Standards

With new regulations in place, it is critically important that your voice communication system meets
intelligibly standards and confirms announcments were sent.

Within the NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection Association), specific requirements for communication must be met. Specifically a Mass Notification and EVAC system must provide for Acoustically Distinguishable Spaces (ADS) as well as meet the Sound Transmission Index for Public Address (STI-PA.) Together, these performance standards help to achieve intelligibility and other requirements within NFPA72.

An AtlasIED system exceeds these standards by:

  • Pre-assembled, highly-intelligible announcements.
  • Automation for multiple announcements to be sent simultaneously into separate zones.
  • Environmental noise analysis that adjusts the sound level in real-time based upon environment noise and ensures the level is high enough to be heard without being annoyingly loud.
  • System supervision that monitors the systems integrity and reports any faults.
  • Announcement logging to confirm messages were sent.
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Make Your Airport Experience Best-in-Class

Parking Garage

Parking in a dark or secluded parking space can be a scary and stressful experience. By adding a weather-proof garage audio system, inviting music and courtesy messages can be played providing a sense of safety, knowing the garage is monitored, and discourages perpetrators from causing harm.

Curb Side

Research shows automated audio systems that greet passengers with delivery of regulatory traffic information and courtesy/safety messages highly improves and streamlines the airport patrons experience. It helps establish a calm effect before they even reach the doorway.

Check In

Make the ticketing process easier. Add automated messages to inform passengers regarding airline check in locations and procedures.


Audio and visual messages regarding security screening procedures streamline passenger flow through the checkpoint. Our automated messages help passengers understand the requirements and prepare their belongings for faster security screening.

In the Terminal

Courtesy, regulatory, and flight information keeps passengers up to date with the latest information regarding their flights and general airport information. Seamless integration with visual information displays provides ADA compliant message delivery and directional way-finding information guides occupants to safety in the event of an emergency.

While Passengers Wait

Provide shops and restaurants with local background music while allowing supervised emergency announcements to override the local system. Leverage the use of automated messaging to inform and promote the retail and dining businesses, increasing passenger satisfaction and airport revenue.

At the Gate

Departures - Automated boarding and gate change announcements allow airline personnel to operate more efficiently, affording clear and consistent passenger communication.

Arrivals - Automated arrival announcements keep passengers aware of important information regarding their connecting flights and baggage claim location.

Baggage Claim

Passengers easily finding their baggage claim location can increase passenger satisfaction. Using automated announcements regarding flight arrivals and baggage delivery information enhances their experience.

The award-winning voice heard by millions of
airport visitors every year works for AtlasIED.

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We also provide multiple language support for worldwide travelers

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Mass transit facilities live in a world of unknowns with critical events and emergency scenarios happening daily. Your staff can do their best to be prepared with numerous practice drills. When seconds count, all the preparation can not verify the human responders can achieve their task when critical events happen.

Be Prepared with an AtlasIED Smart Automation Solutions

Our system provides ‘Smart’ override capability. This allows an on-site or off-site emergency responder to take control of the system and broadcast live announcements

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Ensures the right people are automatically notified for quick and efficient response

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With over 2,000 unique product solutions, AtlasIED provides you a one source provider for all your audio communication needs.

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Chosen by over 200 international airports and transportation hubs

Since 1934, AtlasIED has been the largest and most successful commercial audio manufacturer. From international airports to regional hubs, AtlasIED is proud to have sold more solutions for airports than any other provider.

Airports can be tough to navigate, but with airport public address systems, traveling just got easier. Whether in an airport, train station or other transportation hub, having a reliable set of solutions is key to creating a remarkable passenger experience. Providing passengers with essential information while enhancing the overall travel experience is critical.
The AtlasIED commitment to innovation is reflected in the advanced features of systems. With crystal-clear audio quality and intelligible speech reproduction, the solutions guarantee that every announcement, from boarding calls to security notifications, is delivered with precision.
AtlasIED understands the importance of seamless integration with existing infrastructure. The products are engineered to effortlessly integrate into diverse transportation environments. Trust AtlasIED to elevate communication capabilities, ensuring that vital information reaches passengers promptly and efficiently, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable journey for all.