571 Mic Station Delivers Scalability and Versatility in Airports

Phoenix, AZ – Emphasizing the importance of scalability and flexibility in critical life safety and mass communications systems, AtlasIED showcases its GLOBALCOM-enabled 571 Mic Station at AAAE's 2022 National Airports Conference.

AtlasIED showcases GLOBALCOM-enabled 571 Mic Station

Available in both CobraNet- and Dante-supported models, the 571 Mic Station is a programmable touchscreen device that facilitates audio paging and messages with GLOBALCOM Series Announcement Control Systems.

The 571 Mic Station comes equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen interface that is easily configurable with template options and security restrictions. In addition, the handheld microphone includes an omnidirectional element eliminating the proximity effect, maintaining the integrity and intelligibility of sound even when the user is holding the microphone close to them.

One of the greatest assets the 571 Mic Station can offer airport managers is the flexibility inherent in its multiple configurations and installation options. The mic station can be used with one of three mounting kits, allowing for desktop use, flush mounting and surface mounting. Moreover, the touchscreen operates in both vertical and horizontal positions to meet a facility’s ever-changing needs without compromising quality or ease of use.

“The ability to choose between vertical and horizontal configurations shows how even the simplest of variables can differentiate a best-in-class system that meets your needs from one that doesn’t,” said Justin Young, General Manager of AtlasIED. “AtlasIED’s customer-first approach includes solutions that are not only easy to use but also adaptable to end users’ needs, regardless of the size, scope or layout of a project, and that is evident in the release of the 571 Mic Station.”