Enterprise-Wide Communication Systems

Legacy GLOBALCOM® Communication System

World-class crisis management communications systems are ready for any facility, any situation

The Enterprise-Wide Audio Communication Solution For All Facility Sizes
It provides superior daily communication from standard public address functions, to ADA compliant audio/visual paging, and mass notification messaging. It is also the heart of a crisis management system. It ensures the right critical notification is sent to the right people when seconds count.
The Chosen Solution Deployed Around The World
GLOBALCOM® systems have been deployed across the United States and around the world in facilities ranging from airports, transportation centers, healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, shopping centers, education campuses, theme parks, and government buildings/installations.
Full Automation Capability
GLOBALCOM® automates both daily and emergency message delivery while providing clear, intelligible audio that enables messages to be not only heard, but more importantly understood.
Eliminates Large Equipment Room Installations
The GLOBALCOM® system is designed to eliminate the need for large head-end equipment room installations. It moves processing and intelligence to the edge of the network, yet maintains overall system control and management at the core. This innovative distribution system simplifies installation and significantly reduces costs by integrating with industry-standard structured cabling and network infrastructure.
Feature Rich
The GLOBALCOM® platform is loaded with features that make it easy to use, scalable to any facility, and cost effective to implement.
  • Software-Centric and Affordable with Open Computer Hardware Architecture
  • Completely Digital System Components
  • Scalable Level of Inputs/Outputs
  • Integrated VoIP Telephone Paging
  • 240 Hours of .wav File Storage
  • Audio and Logic Interfaces with Fire Alarm and Security Systems
  • Synchronous Visual Paging with All Recorded Messages
  • Multilingual Audio Visual Messaging
  • Complete System Supervision and Reporting
  • Automatic Volume Level Compensation
  • Multiple Redundancy Levels
  • Live or Recorded Emergency Broadcasts with SMS Text Messaging
  • Text-to-Speech Courtesy Announcement System (TCAS)
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General purpose paging and notification system for audio/visual and mass notification messaging


Power Amplifiers
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A wide selection of power amplifiers including multi-channel and modular mainframes. Some models provide DSP and ambient noise analysis.

Input Devices
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Assortment of input and communication panels with models featuring programmable touchscreen interface

Auxiliary Input-Output Devices
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Various network input devices, backup amplifier switching modules expansion modules etc.


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General software interface for the IED Globalcom system which fits various solutions and designs depending on the specific facility