Speakers & Horns

Comprehensive selection of speakers and horns for a variety of applications and installation requirements.

Professional-grade solutions for commercial environments
SHS Series
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Strategically Hidden Speakers are designed to minimize aesthetic impact with only a small visible footprint and through our optional DesignLab™ customization process

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Full selection of ceiling speakers for sound reinforcement, music, paging & signaling

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Extensive selection of surface, pendent, tripod and landscape speakers

Pendent Mount Speakers
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Wide selection of pendent mount speakers in 4" and 8" models, black and white.

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All-weather solutions for public address and sound reinforcement. From small format to stadium performance solutions

Landscape Speakers
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Selection of high performance outdoor landscape speakers

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A wide selection of passive and powered subwoofers for multiple applications.

Sound Masking / Speech Privacy
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Sound masking specific speakers from the leader in commercial speech privacy

Line Columns & Arrays
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Predictable, even coverage for speech and foreground music. Line array speakers for every size venue and every show

Life Safety
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Life Safety calls for unique, dependable solutions - find them here

Speaker Drivers
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Professional Speaker Drivers for Sound Reinforcement And Music Systems.

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100V, 70V and 25V transformers match your low impedance drivers to constant voltage systems

Residential Audio
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Residential quality in-ceiling/in-wall and cabinet speakers ideal for conference room and background music applications.

Baffles & Back Boxes
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Selection of baffles, grilles & enclosures for installation or refit of many speaker types

SM Series Replacement Parts
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SM Series accessories and replacement parts, including wall brackets, knobs, replacement woofers, HF driver replacements, and speaker grills.

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