Self Contained, Multi-Zone Digital Controlled Networkable Sound Masking Processor and 8-Channel Amplifier

  • UL Listed
  • CUL
  • BAA
  • TAA
  • 70V / 100V Operation
  • Network Ready
  • Onboard DSP

    The AtlasIED DSP8807 unit is capable of automatic mixing, set up and administration of all 8x8 inputs / outputs per zone (channel) via an intuitive ‘simple to use' Graphic User Interface (GUI) managed via a local Windows® based laptop or desktop computer. The DSP8807 has 8 channels of independent on-board digital class-D amplifiers that are capable of delivering 50W RMS at 70.7V output. Additionally a simultaneous audio line level output rated at 1V/600Ω (nominal) per zone is available for driving higher power amplifiers. The DSP8807 also has two independent uncorrelated pink noise generators which are random and non-repeating up to 215 hours with EQ adjustments programmable on a per zone basis.

    The DSP8807 provides dynamic control and management based on IEEE802.1 AVB standards (Audio-Video Bridging) with independent 1⁄3 Octave (28) band EQ *(Filter type is Butterworth @ 19dB and Linkwitz-Riley at 24dB) and Parametric EQ for calibration of all PA, ambient level sensing and automatic level control on a per zone basis. The volume control for paging in each zone can be individually controlled in 1dB increments from 15dB to -65dB.

    The DSP8807 GUI is called the ‘Sound Media Interface'. It provides the ability to set up "All zone" page, "Group zone" page (up to 32 groups) and "Single zone" page with an architectural dialing plan (2-digit DTMF) set up in the GUI. Each DSP8807 is capable of managing remote ambient level sensing microphones (ALM-1) for each zone (x8) wired via a single CAT5e cable up to 1,000 feet from the DSP8807 for automatic adjustment of the masking level based on real time noise levels with set up and control via the GUI.

    • 8 Channels of Random Pink Noise Generator Non-Repeating Up to 215 Hours
    • 8 Audio Outputs of 50 Watts RMS Digital Class-D Amplification at 85% Efficiency
    • 8 Audio Line Outputs at 1V/600Ω (Nominal) for Unlimited Power Per Zone
    • Telco Paging Input (Loop Start) With 2 to 5 Digit DTMF (Touch Tone) Dial Plan Defined In GUI
    • 8 Ambient Sensing Microphone Inputs (RJ45) for Automatic Level Sensing (6dB) and Control
    • Multiple Audio Source Inputs for Background Music, and Paging
    • UL / CUL / FCC and CB (International) Listed

    Height 3.5" (88.9mm)
    Width 19" (482.6mm)
    Depth 14" (358mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    Atlas DSP8807_2212_2210 Software Atlas DSP8807_2212_2210 Software
    DSP8807 Owners Manual (36 pages) DSP8807 Owners Manual (36 pages)
    DSP8807 Datasheet (4 pages) DSP8807 Datasheet (4 pages)
    Atlas Sound Masking White Paper (2 pages) Atlas Sound Masking White Paper (2 pages)