TitanONE Smart Mainframe Power Amplifier

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  • Software License Required
  • TitanONE Card Required
  • CETL
  • CE
  • 70V / 100V Operation
  • Dante enabled
  • Onboard DSP
  • GCK Optimized
  • NFPA
  • Made in USA
  • CobraNet enabled
  • Fault Reporting

    The AtlasIED TitanONE T112 & T112C Smart Mainframe Power Amplifiers provide the latest signal automation, processing and amplification technologies in one modular solution. Now available in Dante and CobraNet options, the modular design allows up to seven (7) TitanONE Series power amplifier cards (sold separately) to be easily inserted into the mainframe. This offers twelve-(12) main channels of amplification and two-(2) backup channels for redundancy. Each channel has a complete library of DSP filter options. Mainframe can also be used to provide power, house and configure via software a dual channel line output card T2LD-T1 two-channel line driver to drive external systems, or to provide processing for self-powered speaker arrays.

    The TitanONE T112 is networkable offering IEDNet+ IP-based system control and digital audio transport via Dante™ or CobraNet. TitanONE T112 integrates IED’s world-renowned SystemAssured™ Supervision for entire system monitoring and fault detection to ensure worry-free 24/7 operation. The TitanONE T112 doesn’t stop there, it also incorporates AtlasIED’s patented smart technology called AlwaysHEAR™. This ensures the audio levels are automatically adjusted to always be set at the perfect sound level. The TitanONE T112 offers over eight technologies in a single compact form factor and is the perfect solution for life safety systems and everyday installations.

    The T112 meets the stringent standard requirements for life safety and mass notification systems. It is recognized by ETL and it can easily be incorporated into any fire or life safety system. 

    Available Amplifier Cards Include:

    Available Line Driver Card:

    • AlwaysHEAR™ - Patented Technology for Automatic Real-Time Ambient Noise Analysis and Output Level Adjustment
    • IEDNet+ Software Based Routing, Control, and Supervision of Network Connected AtlasIED Devices
    • Lifeline Supervision and Backup Amplifier Switching Ensures Even If an Amplifier Card Fails, the System Continues to Function
    • 16 Network Audio Inputs, Dante™ Enabled
    • Integrated DSP Per Output Channel Including Level Control, Routing, EQ, Delay, and Ducking
    • 12 Balanced Line Inputs
    • 12 Loudspeaker Outputs

    Width 17" (432mm) without Rack Ears
    Width 19" (483mm) with Rack Ears
    Height 7" (178mm)
    Depth 19.5" (495mm)
    Weight 40 lbs. (18.2kg)
    Operating Temperature Range +32°F - +104°F (0°C - +40°C)
    Safety Listed ETL Listed to UL 60950-1, UL 62368-1, CSA 60950-1 & CSA 62368-1
    ETL Recognized Component UL 864, UL 2572, ULC S527 & ULC S576
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    T112 Installation Manual (24 pages) T112 Installation Manual (24 pages)
    T112 Datasheet (7 pages) T112 Datasheet (7 pages)
    T112 2D Drawings - CAD T112 2D Drawings - CAD
    T112 UKCA Declaration of Conformity (1 page) T112 UKCA Declaration of Conformity (1 page)
    T112 CE Declaration of Conformity (1 page) T112 CE Declaration of Conformity (1 page)
    T112 IEC Test Certificate (2 pages) T112 IEC Test Certificate (2 pages)
    T112 ATM Safety (2 pages) T112 ATM Safety (2 pages)
    T112 ATM Life Safety (4 pages) T112 ATM Life Safety (4 pages)