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    AtlasIED IP-ZCMIC IPX Microphone Kit is a microphone mounted ceiling / wall plate assembly enabling hands free two-way communication when connected to the AtlasIED IP-DDS, IP-DD, IP-F, IP-SDH, IP-HVP, and IP-APX non-talkback IP endpoint device

    Model IP-ZCMIC IPX Microphone Kit simply connects to a non-talkback AtlasIED IP endpoint device that is registered as a communication endpoint directly within Singlewire®, AtlasIED®, Syn-Apps®' notification applications and/or SIP Server to enable hands free two-way communication in that area where the non-talkback AtlasIED IP endpoints is located.

    The IP-ZCMIC can be mounted in a low voltage single gang box in a wall or ceiling location.

    • Single Gang 16-gauge Neutral White Powder Coated Stainless Steel
    • 2 Way Screw Terminal Barrier Connector
    • Small Omnidirectional Back Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge


    IP-ZCMIC Data Sheet (4 pages) IP-ZCMIC Data Sheet (4 pages)