PoE+ Indoor Wall Mount LED Flasher

  • BAA
  • CETL
  • CE
  • PoE+
  • FCC
  • G.711 Capable
  • G.722 Capable

    AtlasIED IP-F is an indoor wall mount visual alerting IP endpoint with a multicolored LED flasher. It complements the Unified Communications (VoIP Communications) investment, including on-premises and hosted infrastructure platforms. The IP-F is ideal for alerting occupants of routine notifications like a telephone ringing, critical alerts in high noise, noise sensitive, or loud areas, or large spaces where visual signaling is required for ADA compliance or to assist hearing impaired.

    Model IP-F registers as a communication endpoint directly within Singlewire, AtlasIED, and Syn-Apps' notification applications. It provides visual signaling for noise sensitive areas, large spaces, and public address applications to improve day-to-day communications, as well as visual notification for occupants through advanced color-coded LED-based illumination.

    When using Singlewire’s InformaCast® or Syn-Apps Revolution® notification applications, the IP-F can have its colors sync’d to the applications text and audio notification profiles. Customers can now display default color styles set for normal, warning, and emergency notifications sending clear communication during any event."

    The IP-F can be used as a stand-alone visual alerting IP endpoint device and will complement AtlasIED’s IPX IP endpoint products. The IP-F leverages the WAN or LAN network architecture.

    The IP-F contains a PoE+ powered amplifier that can support up to two analog 8Ω speakers that will enable the IP-F to support audible announcements.

    AtlasIED IP-F supports Cisco’s Call Manager publisher subscriber SIP Service call processing failover. This service provides remote location callprocessing redundancy when access to the centralized Call Manager is interrupted because of a WAN outage. In a Cisco UMC environment, IPX devices can register to either Cisco’s basic or advanced 3rd Party SIP device service for intercom or paging functionality. IPX must use Cisco’s Advanced 3rd Party SIP device service when registering to a publisher subscriber configuration.

    Where notification applications are not required, the IP-F can register as a SIP device directly to a SIP server or VoIP Communications Manager for visual critical alerts and visual telephone ringing alerts. The AtlasIED IP-F IP endpoint is equipped with multicolored LED flasher to provide effective communication with visual alerting and compliancy under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all state and local governments are required to take steps and ensure effective communication to people with disabilities.

    • Network Features

    • Dynamic or Static IP Address
    • IEEE802.3 10/100Base-T Ethernet
    • IEEE 802.1q Tagging
    • IEEE 802.11AT Compliant
    • Audio Features

    • Integrated Amplifier with 2 8 ohm outputs
    • Aux Audio Line-In Balanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    • Aux Audio Line-Out Balanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    • Additional Features
    • 2 General Purpose Inputs
    • 1 Relay Output (2A @ 30 VDC)
    • Phone/Night Loud Ringer
    • External Power Supply Option


    Discover App v1.3.4 IPX Firmware v1.6.5
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    IP_CB-Cert (2 pages)
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    IPX System Firmware Release 1.6.5
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