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    Why add a speaker to a network?

    This is a question that is often asked and is easily answered. Adding speakers to the network provides more touch points for communication and enhances message intelligibility in large areas including gymnasiums, cafeterias, and outdoor common areas. Additionally, properly equipped IP speakers can deliver scrolling text ensuring ADA compliance.

    Compliant with SA-Announce Advanced Notification Applications

    AtlasIED IP products register as a communication endpoint directly within SA-Announce Advanced Notification applications, supporting both visual text and audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded & scheduled announcements, intercoms, and display’s all while leveraging the Cisco Network Architecture.

    Don’t be Limited to Network Only Communication

    For those environments where both “On and Off” network-wide communication delivery solutions are needed for connectivity into any analog audio systems, analog legacy Public address system, or analog audio endpoint(s), providing true enterprise-wide alert and general notifications across any organization.

    Standard SIP Connectivity Directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manager

    Where 3rd party notification applications are not required, AtlasIED IP speakers can register as SIP devices directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unified Communications Manager Express for critical alerts /public address applications.

    Ideal for Critical Alerts

    Respond effectively to the actual occurrence of disasters, emergencies, and crisis. Have confidence that those who are tasked with implementing specific activities of the emergency management plan can be effective because they can understand the notifications.

    Send Real Time Critical Notifications

    Send specific critical instructions to Staff with assigned tasks that are responsible for their respective segments of the plan or area. Based on observations made during emergency response, deficiencies noted during drills and exercises, changes in structure and procedures may occur.

    For example, in the event of a school emergency evacuation, students may need to be moved into the High School Gym (after it is determined that the High School gymnasium is secure) for temporary shelter.  In the event the High School Gym is not secure, students will be evacuated outdoors.  If possible, district buses may be called to house students if utilizing the gymnasium is not an option.

    • Natural Disasters
    • On and off site emergencies
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Intruder Alerts
    • Bomb Threat
    • Hazardous Material Spill/Leak
    • Medical Emergency

    Effectively Communicate in Large or High Ambient Noise Environments

    AtlasIED IP speakers leverage the Cisco Unified Communication solution to extend tele-presence with enhanced audio for those environments where network-wide communication is desired and that require large speakers with high output to overcome high ambient noise areas or large spaces.

    Be Confident that Notifications are Clearly Understood Using Visual Displays

    In addition to IP speakers, AtlasIED offers dtand-alone displays and IP speakers with displays to provide equally “effective communication”.

    “Under Title II of the ADA, all state and local governments are required to take steps to ensure that their communications with people with disabilities are as effective as communications with others.”

    What does it mean for communication to be “effective”? Simply put, “effective communication” means that whatever is written or spoken must be as clear and understandable to people with disabilities as it is for people who do not have disabilities. This is important because some people have disabilities that affect how they communicate.

    Perfect for Any Market

    Ideal for Corporate Applications, Education Institutions, Entertainment Complexes, Industrial Facilities, Government Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Houses of Worship, Transportation Hubs - anywhere critical alerts / public address needs exist, Atlas Sound IP speakers are the optimum solution.

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