GLOBALCOM® Enterprise Communication Ecosystem


GCK application platform is the system brain incorporating our world-renowned broadcast technologies.

GCK software and other add-on applications for a GLOBALCOM® system.

It is our world-renowned broadcast technologies designed for improved daily communications and emergency mass notification.

GCK - Advanced Notification Application Software
S.A.F.E.™ - Smart Alerts For Emergencies
DIRECTOR® System Management Software
FAS Automated Announcement System
FAS Automated Announcement System
Top Features and Benefits
GCK - Features and Benefits
Smart Automation
  • Intelligent Announcement Time Scheduler
  • Zone-Specific Bells and Tones Scheduler
  • Automated Zone-Specific Emergency Message Playback\
  • Trigger Multiple Messages and Actions with One Input Based on Facility Risk Assessment Policy

Seamless VoIP Integration
  • Communicate Between VoIP Handsets and AtlasIED Endpoints
  • Full Duplex, Two Way Communication
  • Supports G.711 (Narrowband) and G.722 (Wideband) VoIP Codecs

Limitless Zone Control
  • Program Unlimited Amounts of Paging Zones
  • Ability to Dynamically Send Broadcasts to Individual, Multiple, or All Zones
  • Wide Area Paging Between Multiple Networked IP100 Series Controllers

Priority Levels
  • Set Announcement Priority and Behavior
  • Priority Override and Message Recovery
  • Automatically Record Live Pages to Busy Zone for Playback When Freed

Text to Speech
  • Easily Convert Text to Audible Announcements
  • Choose From Over 30 Languages
  • Microsoft Voice Libraries Are Included
  • High Quality Languages Are Not Included
  • Separate Charge Based on Size of Installation (Provided by 3rd Party) Standard
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