IP Compliant Display for Use with Informacast Software

IPDC-IC IP Compliant Display

    Model IPDC from AtlasIED consists of a factory assembeld LED display, baffle, and control board mounted securely to the rear of the baffle via concealed weld studs. Power is provided by IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE switches. Local 12VDC – 18VDC PSUs may also be used instead of PoE switches. Interconnection is via a board mounted female RJ-45 connector. The LED clock is a dot matrix 32x8 LED display. The 18-guage contruction of the metal baffle provides security and durability in commercial applications. The baffle is finished in neutral white electrostatic powder coat.

    • IP Clocks From Atlas Sound Allow Users or System Administrators to Display Time and Scrolling Text Messages to Display End Points

    Width 13.89" (352.81mm)
    Height 7.75" (196.85mm)
    Depth 3.25" (82.55mm) Wall Mount
    Depth 3.11" (78.99mm) Flush Mount