8" Premium Ceiling Subwoofer (Blind Mount)


    The FC-8ST ceiling subwoofer is specifically designed to complement the full range of IsoFlare™ FC ceiling speakers, both in performance an aesthetics.

    The FC-8ST will deliver rich, impactful low-end performance in applications requiring premium sonic quality and additional headroom with exceptional reliability; all in an architect/designer/installer friendly package.

    The 200mm (8.00") high excursion driver with weatherized multi fiber paper pulp cone, butyl rubber surround, and 2nd order 140Hz passive low pass filter are mounted in an optimally tuned, injection molded, front baffle manufactured from UV/weather resistant UL94V-0 ABS material.

    Integration with FC ceiling speakers can be further enhanced via the AtlasIED Atmosphere DSP platform.

    The FC-8ST is supplied with C-Ring and Tile Bridges

    • Patented toolless high travel secure-clamp mechanism for fast and trouble-free installation.
    • Bezel-less grille - magnetically secured - removable logo. Allows for a single step painting process if necessary. No requirement for adaptors to accommodate optional square grilles.
    • Weather treated multi fiber cone.
    • Full bandwidth exceptionally low insertion loss 60W 70/100V transformer.
    • Easy Access Tap Rotary Selector Switch.
    • Enhanced voicing presets available via AtlasIED Atmosphere platform.

    Type Direct Radiating Ceiling Subwoofer (Blind Mount)
    Frequency Range (-10dB) 40Hz - 200Hz
    Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 47Hz - 140Hz (passive low pass filter)
    System Sensitivity (1W @ 1m) 92dB
    Nominal Coverage Angle (-6dB) 180°
    Average 90W
    Programme 180W
    Peak 360W
    Recommended Amplifier Power 180W @ 8 Ohms
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
    Transformer Taps - via rotary selector switch 60W, 30W, 15W, 7.5W (3.8W70V) & Low Z operation
    Available Lengths 112dB
    Peak 118dB
    With Max. Transformer Tap - Average 110dB
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    • Boardrooms & Corporate Offices
    • Airports, Convention Centers, Hotels
    • Casinos
    • Houses of Worship
    • Retail Outlets, Shopping Malls
    • Museums
    • Lounges, Bars
    • Education Facilities
    • Cruise Ships
    • Courtrooms
    • Multizone Foreground Music & Paging Systems

    FC-8ST Datasheet (6 pages) FC-8ST Datasheet (6 pages)
    FC-8ST EASE Address Data - GLL FC-8ST EASE Address Data - GLL
    FC-8ST EASE Data - SPK FC-8ST EASE Data - SPK
    FC-8ST CFL Data - CF2 FC-8ST CFL Data - CF2
    EASE Address Software v1.1.221 (inc. A&F) EASE Address Software v1.1.221 (inc. A&F)
    EASE GLL Viewer EASE GLL Viewer
    FC Series Revit BIM Files.zip FC Series Revit BIM Files.zip
    FC-8ST 2D Drawings - PDF (2 pages) FC-8ST 2D Drawings - PDF (2 pages)
    FC-8ST 2D Drawings - CAD FC-8ST 2D Drawings - CAD
    FC-8ST 3D Drawings - CAD FC-8ST 3D Drawings - CAD