Family Owned

Even though AtlasIED is a multi-million dollar manufacturing organization with nine locations and well over 1,000 employees, we are a family-owned business and still manufacture within the United States with an ISO9001:2015 Quality Standards Certification. That, quite frankly, is hard to find today, and it provides unique advantages to you.

Our customer service is an industry benchmark that many competitors strive to match. For over 80 years, we have been able to do what is right for our customers and go above and beyond.

Our company makes quicker decisions and is nimble enough to accommodate market trend changes. We retain our people and maintain work stability that results in high-quality standards for our products. Being privately held, we don’t have to constantly please stockholders and compromise our customer experience or quality standards. Many publicly held competitors are downsizing leaving you to figure out which are the right products by yourself. Instead AtlasIED has increased our resource assets and made big investments in our manufacturing operations. We hold an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing certification that is designed to manage quality standards for a manufacturing organization. It ensures the manufacturer meets the needs of customers while also meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to our products. Third-party bodies certify our products meet the ISO quality standards. Using ISO 9001:2015 helps ensure you get consistent high-quality products and services. We are driven by customer satisfaction.