Innovative Solutions

AtlasIED is driven by innovation. We are continuously developing new technologies that provide time saving methods that benefit you and our dealer network.  Our innovative solutions focus on everyday use cases and how our products can cut down installation times, reduce maintenance requirements, increase productivity, and provide you long-lasting reliability. We have products in airports and government facilities that are over 50 years old and still working as if they were brand new.

We stay at the forefront of commercial building construction trends, which allows our products to be built future proof. While the average audio system life span is only three years, AtlasIED’s average is 15 years.  You get your maximum return on investment.

Just recently, AtlasIED released a new innovative nanotechnology.  Hyfidrophobic is a treatment coating applied to our loudspeakers and electronics that completely repels liquids on a microscopic level.  This coating provides a new revolutionary solution that allows our standard products to be used in various climate environments while still providing long-term use and reliability. The best point is it's an affordable upgrade solution that fits into every budget requirement.  At AtlasIED, our innovative solutions are designed for everyday use and budget friendly.