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Full array of sound masking solutions that can be deployed in any installation where speech privacy is critical.

As the world leader in speech privacy technology, AtlasIED offers a full array of sound masking solutions that can be deployed in any installation where speech privacy is critical.

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What are Sound Masking Solutions?

A sound masking system emits low-level, non-distracting masking noise specifically tuned and designed to reduce ambient speech and thereby improve speech privacy. This improvement in speech privacy can be of great value in open-plan offices, doctors’ examination rooms and other environments where confidentiality is important.

Sound masking can also reduce the distraction caused by traffic, office machinery and other unwanted sounds. Because this benefit is limited to situations where the unwanted sounds are of relatively low level, however, speech privacy is the focus of most sound masking systems.

Business Types that Benefit from Speech Privacy

An AtlasIED communication platform is the chosen foundation for efficient, safe, and secure communications across an entire office floor, an entire building, or several buildings in a corporate park. Leveraging your existing or future network architecture, it provides one integrated solution for daily communication while also supporting your emergency preparedness plans.

Call centers
Corporate offices
Financial institutions
Government facilities
Legislation and law facilities
Medical clinics

It can be added to any building area requiring improved privacy.

AtlasIED solutions are affordable and long-lasting. It is the lowest cost solution to add privacy when compared to architectural improvements.

Speech privacy confidentiality

Do you know about new HIPAA regulations?

Get your business compliant

HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability Accountability Act) regulations require medical professionals to safeguard medical and confidential records by all reasonable means. This includes verbal communication being overheard.

Whether it’s in the open waiting room, through the walls, or via a telephone conversation, the human voice travels. And what has become ordinary and routine to medical staff is very private and personal to your patients. They expect professionalism, which includes safeguarding their medical histories in every way possible.

Our Speech Privacy Systems can help your company become compliant.

We Have The Right Solutions To Match Every Business Size

AtlasIED has the widest variety of sound masking solutions. Our systems range from small self-contained devices to large enterprise-wide solutions.

Our innovative sound masking features include:

Easy Installation
Computer Controllable
Space Match Tuning
Multi Zone Capable
Time Scheduler
Network Ready

Let us help you.
We provide design assistance

Our professional team can help consult and ensure you make the right system decision

Here are some system examples:

Clinic office system example
Clinic Office
Open office space system examples
Open Office Space
Corporate office system example
Corporate Office

Covering Millions of Square Feet in Businesses Worldwide

Since 1934, AtlasIED has been the largest and most successful commercial audio manufacturer. From the largest Fortune 1000 companies to local governments, clinics, and law offices, AtlasIED strives for exceptional customer satisfaction.

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