DNA2404DL Series UL-1711 Listed 70.7-Volt 4-Channel Amplifier with Dante™ Network Audio

  • Dante enabled
  • Network Ready
  • GCK Optimized
  • Onboard DSP
  • Fault Reporting
  • Ambient Noise
  • Soundmasking

    The DNA2404DL amplifier is an integral part of the IED GLOBALCOM® Communications System, allowing a few audio zones to be added where necessary when a full 16-zone T9160 amplifier frame is not required. The amplifier features Audinate's Dante™ digital audio input and four channels of 600 watt amplification. The DNA2404DL is controlled with network commands for selecting input routing and configuring EQ, delay and output levels. Amplifiers may be controlled by a stand-alone GLOBALCOM® configuration utility or through the GLOBALCOM® System Management Center.

    The internal amplifier cards are Class D (switching mode) dual channel 600W amplifiers into the rated loads (70.7 Volts into 8Ω). Class D operation, combined with an integral switching mode power supply, offers many advantages, and the unique IED design makes full use of these benefits. They include higher efficiency, increased reliability, improved performance, and lower operating cost. Switching mode operation combined with high voltage power MOSFET devices make it possible to eliminate the heavy, costly, bulky transformers. IED’s design is stable under all load conditions (phase angles of 0 to 360 degrees). The amplifier card has 34dB of gain from its analog input to the loudspeaker output. Attenuation is handled ahead of the power amplifier by DSP controls through software.

    Inputs are provided for connecting up to eight (8) 540S ambient noise sensors (2 sensors for each output channel). This allows the output of each channel to be automatically adjusted in real time based on the measured ambient noise level in the zone.

    The DNA2404DL features LED indicators for power, audio signals and fault status. A Form C relay is also included that will indicate that a fault is present. The DNA2404DL provides 600 watts per channel for 70.7 volt transformer-distributed loudspeaker systems and operates from a 120 VAC power source.

    Other Models Available Include:

    • DNA2404CL – 4 Ch, 2400W, 70V CobraNet® Amplifier (120VAC)
    • DNA2404CH – 4 Ch, 2400W, 100V CobraNet® Amplifier (220VAC)
    • DNA2404DH – 4 Ch, 2400W, 100V Dante™ Amplifier (220VAC)
    Safety Listed to UL1711 Standard for Fire Safety
    Includes Audinate's Dante™ Input
    Compatible with IED GLOBALCOM® systems and 3rd party Dante™ devices
    Dual-redundant Ethernet ports
    7-band parametric EQ and a high-pass and low-pass filter per channel
    Signal delay up to 25 ms on each channel
    Continuous, Real-time Ambient Noise Analysis and Automatic Output Level Control
    Four 600 watt amplifier output channels
    70.7 Volt Output
    LED indicators for power, audio signals and faults
    Built-in Automatic Loudspeaker Line Testing detects Ground Faults, Breaks and Changes in Loudspeaker Loads
    Fault reports and amplifier status available over Ethernet using standard SNMP protocol
    Supports independent background music for all channels with automatic ducking when paging audio is present
    Two inputs for ambient noise sensors for each amplifier output channel
    Tech Specs
    Output Power 600-watts x 4-Channels at Rated Power
    Width 19" (48.3cm) with Rack Ears
    Operating Temperature Range +32 °F – +104 °F (0 °C – +40 °C)
    Height 3.5" (8.9cm)
    Depth 17" (43.2cm)
    Weight 19.2lb (8.7kg)
    Storage Temperature Range -40 °F – +158 °F (-40 °C – +70 °C)
    Voltage Compatibility 110V - 120V
    Support Files
    CAD Drawing DNA2404 CAD Drawing Download