CE Listed 6-Input, 200-Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test (PHD)

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  • 70V / 100V Operation
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    The AA200PHD-CE is a six input channel mixer amplifier designed for distributed business paging and background music (BGM) systems, medium to large speech privacy systems, and in applications where music on hold (MOH) plus paging is required.  With four microphone/line inputs and two stereo summing line inputs, the AA200PHD-CE will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, media players, and digital music receivers.

    What Sets the AAPHD Series Apart?

    The AA200PHD-CE includes a patent pending automatic system test, the Push Here Diagnostic® (PHD). The PHD button is designed to check the connected loudspeaker lines for wiring and impedance errors. This test can be activated once all loudspeakers are connected and the circuit automatically verifies that the attached loudspeakers' tap settings do not exceed the amplifier's rated power, no loudspeakers are mistakenly tapped at 8Ω, and the loudspeaker wire is free from shorts.

    AAPHD Diagnostics

    The unit also incorporates a Remote Input Selection and Remote Level Control feature that allows the integrator to use a remote wall plate (AtlasIED model WPD-RISRL) and allow the user to select the input and adjust the volume from that wall plate up to 200 feet from the amplifier.


    The AA200PHD-CE provides 200-watts output power into 50V, 100V, or 4Ω loudspeaker systems. Rear panel DIP switch allows for creation of Zone 2 output mix using any or all of inputs 1-4. Unit can also be set-up to mute Inputs 2 through 6 on signal from Input 1 for paging applications where other input sources need to be muted during a page. Inputs 1-4 are either Mic or Line input selectable and Phantom Power is an option when using them as a microphone input.

    200W into 50V/100V and 4Ω Loads
    Automated Diagnostic System Test (Push Here Diagnostic®)
    Four Balanced Mic/Line/Tel Inputs w/ Phantom Power
    Input Assignable Zone 2 Output
    Remote Level Control
    Remote Input Select (RIS)
    Line Output
    Preamp In for External Processors
    Variable Mute Sensitivity Control for Input 1
    Contact Closure Mute Terminals
    Frequency Response 50Hz - 15kHz
    Connector Type 4 Position Phoenix 3.5mm Pitch
    Power Output Max. Average Power @ 50Hz-15kHz with .5% THD, 4Ω 200W RMS
    Height 3.66" (93mm)
    Width 16.54" (420mm)
    Depth 14.6" (422mm)
    Voltage Compatibility 220V - 240V
    Installation Sheet
    ATS004912B AAPHD Amplifier Impedance Diagnostic Test Example (2 pages)
    Owners Manual
    ATS005209PP1 AA200PHD-CE Owners Manual.pdf (24 pages)
    Application Example
    AAPHD_WPD-RISRL_App (2 pages)